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17 Jan, 2013

There are a number of reasons to judge me based on what is written here today so I am giving you permission to go ahead and do just that.

Firstly, I didn’t know how to safely cut Reuben’s nails until last week when a pal (with baby a few weeks younger than Reubs) came round to go for a walk and cover all the baby topics we could think of. We, naturally, came onto cutting nails and baby nail clippers, and thus I was educated on how to go about the aforementioned task.

Reuben has a right hand with a penchant for scratching. Put skin near that hand (his own or mine) and he will scratch it. As a result he has to sleep with his hands covered, which means he stays in his PJs until after his morning nap (or later if we aren’t going out. Poor kid) and has to get changed back into them if I put him down for a nap at home later in the day.

My strategy thus far for clipping his nails was to bite them while I was feeding him because he’s a wriggler. Disgusting, I know, and what’s worse was because he still wriggled, I’d inadvertently create horrible jaggedy edges all the better to scratch (and potentially scar) himself with. Because he’s a wriggler using baby nail clippers just didn’t appeal. Until now.

Step 1: Put on Baby Einstein’s DVD (we were given this one: Baby Beethoven – Symphony of Fun [DVD]).

Step 2: Baby goes into trance so grab hand. [Not with one finger or their reflexes will take over and go into the baby vice-like grab, similar to when hair goes anywhere near them]

See?! Completely none the wiser!

Step 3: Commence clipping (nail only, try and avoid the skin) and do your best to collect all the little clips, which is easier said than done because they’re so tiny and ping off.

Nice, neatish nails

We’ve got your bog standard Boots baby nail clippers, which cost £3.05 and do the job perfectly. I have also heard of nail clippers with magnifying glasses or LED lights in them, seems a bit overkill to me, but each to their own and if it suits you, check out this bad boy (…it’s actually cheaper than the boots one as it’s £1.99 but you’d have to add on delivery).

Baby nail clippers with bells and whistles

Takes no time at all and since Reuben was still in his trance-like state (cue further judgement) I dashed around the house and managed to mop the kitchen, living room and bathroom floors, and put out the washing by the time it had finished. Don’t worry, I worry I didn’t leave him for ages, I just did all those jobs badly. But, at least I did them!