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Advent Box


We're getting Christmassy!

01 Dec, 2015

Advent is here! I love the run up to Christmas, even if it does make me a bit bonkers. I really wanted to be ready for christmas by now so I could enjoy Advent all the more. But in all honestly, despite a bit of panic buying this morning, I don’t feel like I’m too far off now. And things are feeling Christmasy in our house already thanks to the arrival of our Advent Boxes.

Advent Box for Reuben with Christmas Minion Onesie, Christmas socks and Stickers (more…)

18 Dec, 2013

Christmas 2013 is a week tomorrow!! FUuuuuuuuuuUUUUuuuu…

Just kidding, I’m actually not feeling too disorganised! For once. (It is made slightly easier because we’re not really getting Reuben anything – he’s getting his sister’s princess kitchen and a basket of food, plus some books from us.)

I’ve wrapped a few things, identified what still needs to be bought and providing the post works out OK, I should have the last of the things to wrap by Christmas eve. But then, last minute does not stress me out. In fact I do my best work at the 11th hour. For years I used to go out first thing on Christmas Eve, with all my tips from helping the Milk Man (at least £200 – I tell you, helping the milkman is nothing to be sniffed at!), and buy all my presents. I’d trawl the shops and find something nice for everyone. Easy.

Now, we have a lot more people to buy for. Double the family, plus the kids with all their little knickknacks, which must be individually wrapped to make the most of the moment, so the new last minute is a week before! It’ll take me from now until Christmas Eve to wrap everything.

If you are no stranger to last minute shopping and you’re after some final ideas, I’ve done a round up of what you might like to get a toddler (mainly a boy one) or a 7 year old (mainly a girl one).

Christmas 2013 – last minute ideas

1. Books

For REUBEN After reading this lush post by Fritha over on Tigerlittly Quinn, in her We Like To Read series I had to include this Christmas Classic, Dick Bruna’s The Christmas Book.

Christmas 2013

For Gabby I got the The Jolly Christmas Postman as a kid and I just loved the stories and the little bits you can pull out and read or play with. Another classic.

2. Art work

For Reuben Since before Reubs was born we’ve been talking about getting him some good quality artwork for his room, an investment piece that he can keep…we still haven’t but if I had thought of it, I would have got him something from Exploding Dog.

Christmas 2013

For Gabby I really like this “Watch with glittering eyes” print. I like the message, it suits Gabby. I like Roald Dahl. It seems a bit Christmassy. And would make a nice addition to Gabby’s room.

Christmas 2013

3. Toy of the moment

For Reuben Reuben loves his Fisher Price Fire Engine and Digger. He’s played with them since he was about 10  months and still does now (at 16 months) so it was really good value (even if we were given them!). There’s buttons to press and he wheels them around the house, one after the other. I would highly recommend one or the other (and it looks like the Digger is half price at the Early Learning Centre at the mo).

Christmas 2013

For Gabby I know it’s the present of the moment but Gabby LOVES her Furby, she takes it everywhere with her, so if you can find one, get it. Boys and girls like it. There’s an app that accompanies it though, so you won’t see your phone for the whole of Christmas Day…

4. Second Hand

For Reuben and Gabby If you’ve got a local second toy hand shop, get yourself down there. You seriously can’t go wrong for stocking fillers, books, even some bigger ticket items. We got a beautiful wooden walker that Reuben LOVES, it’s his baby zimmer frame, and a Wheely Bug (which he’s still learning to love!), both of which are around £50 new, and I got them for less than £20.

If you’re local to the North East you could try Joanna Toys (where we got the stuff I mentioned above) or Cherished Toys (I’ve not  been but I’ve heard some good things).

5. Music

For Reuben Since we went to see The Tallest Trees at Northern Stage last week, we’ve had the CD from that production on a loop in the car. I know all the words. I love it! Fortunately Reuben does too – especially the song where they growl like a lion and say “boo!” lots. He joins in growling before the first verse has even finished. So, if you can get this CD, do. It’s not long but we love it.

Otherwise, we also really like Piccolos CDs for the car and for singing along to in the house!

For Gabby Any pop music. She’s not bothered at the moment but I can imagine her contemporaries are 1D mad!

6. Clothes

For Reuben Mike’s mum and dad have got him a super cute snow suit from Marks and Spenser’s. It’s not quite been cold enough (although I did put him in it when we went to Enchanted Parks last Saturday) but it’ll be lush when it is!

For Gabby I’ve got her a few stocking fillers of a tutu and a t-shirt, plus some cute owl welly socks. All from Morrisons, so nothing that’s broken the bank!

7. Toys we have got them

For Reuben My parents have got him a Fisher-Price Little People Racin’ Ramps Garage – he likes his friend, Beau’s, one and says ‘down’ as he climbs on it because that’s what I say to him…this was all discovered after we bought!  Ah, the fun we will have.

For Gabby She’s been relatively easy! She’s added everything ‘to basket’ on the Argos app but even so it’s not been very expensive…I think we might have 1 or 2 years left before she starts asking for iPhones or GHDs or, god forbid, Uggs!

8. More ideas

For more ideas specifically for the 1-2 year old bracket for boys and girls, look no further than the Mum’s Days Facebook wall. When I asked what other people were getting, 56 lush ideas were left on it! I counted.

What have I missed for gifts for Christmas 2013??!

I feel like I’ve missed loads…