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16 Sep, 2015

A few weeks ago I started reading a book called, I kid you not, The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying, by Marie Kondo. You have probably either read it or at least heard of it but it was a new one on me.

Marie Kondo - the life-changing Magic of tidying. Full review!

Thus far I’m about two thirds of the way through and about a third of the way through tackling the tidying…so the life-changing magic hasn’t quite hit the Mums’ Days household yet. But I am fully bought into the philosophy.

With quotes like this, who wouldn’t?

“When you’ve finished putting your house in order, your life will change dramatically. Once you have experienced what it’s like to have a truly ordered house, you’ll feel your whole world brighten. Never again will you revert to clutter. This is what I call the magic of tidying.”

Where do I sign up?! (more…)

Guest post from Kate, Pouting in Heels

29 Jul, 2015

On Monday I posted my first ever bikini shot on this blog…! Even though I’ve been working hard on my diet and exercise, it took quite a bit to work up to it. Body confidence is a funny thing, even before having a kid mine wasn’t great, and I think it hit rock bottom after.

This evening is the Mums’ Days Fit Club Pre-Holiday Party on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall and I want the focus to be on body confidence! While we’ve been working hard to improve our health and fitness habits in the #MDFitClub, whether we’ve reached our goals or not, we need to cut ourselves some slack and have a great summer with our families! Our bodies are amazing. Like totally awesome!! We’ve given birth and that’s something to really celebrate, which is why I really wanted to share this amazing post with you today.

My good friend and all round wonderful, supportive woman, Kate from Pouting in Heels, is brilliant at boosting your confidence and getting some perspective. I have friends who have told me that Katie basically got them back in the gym or a bikini because before reading her stuff their self-confidence was on the floor.

I am thrilled that I can bring you this absolutely amazing post today, enjoy it and then go and celebrate you body!

Body Confidence - 7 tips from Kate, Pouting in Heels, on how to learn to love your body

How I learnt to love (and accept) my body.

Guest Post by Kate, Pouting in Heels

I’m certainly no expert on body image but here’s how I’ve managed to love my body most of the time. This is what has worked for me. (more…)

15 Jul, 2015

We moved into our new home in February and one of the big things on the list was to get the Garden finished by the summer so we could enjoy it. Well, as of last week, the garden is all but finished! There are some finishing touches which I’ll mention below but I’m thrilled with it. So I wanted to share some of our garden ideas for both adults and kids to enjoy, and how it looked before and after…


Garden Ideas - Before and after post with our ideas for the perfect kids and adults garden

Garden Ideas - Before and after post with our ideas for the perfect kids and adults garden

And this doesn’t even demonstrate how bad it was. It was basically paved over with a mixture of both stones and paving slabs, so it was a trip-hazard for adults and toddler alike! The Garden’s saving grace over the spring and early summer has been the Clematis and the decking which Neil (our in-door DIY hero) put down in April.


Garden Ideas - Before and after post with our ideas for the perfect kids and adults garden (more…)

09 Jun, 2015

We moved house in February and you would be forgiven for wondering why I’ve not shared many posts of our new house as we finish each room. It’s basically because no room is yet finished enough! Thanks to the Customise Your Life Challenge and a little DIY project I’ve been taking part in, I feel like the Snug is finally ready for it’s tiny but grand unveiling.

The Snug unveiling and how to customise your life (more…)

I was invited by Newcastle Building Society to take part in their #CustomiseYourLife Challenge and as part of this I have been given a #CustomiseYourLife Hamper full of fabulous DIY goodies to give away!

#CustomiseYourLife - win a hamper to customise your life with! (more…)

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