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02 Feb, 2012

knick-knacksMy knick-knack sorting I started yesterday is far from over but I’m taking a quick break to do an ode to Sailor Girl (my old business) and some of the things that will forever remind me of the lovely office we created and the fun we had. Here are some of the knick-knacks…

Clockwise from the teapot…

We loved our spotty teapot and matching mug set from Whittards and somehow I managed to talk Alex into letting me keep them! At one point one of the handles fell off a mug and for some reason Katie (@ktttt) stuck it back on with spray glue, then it got put away, then Alex ended up with the handle in her had and a mug of hot chocolate in her lap. Ah, happy memories (although not for Alex).

We went through a Marie Antoinette phase and we bought this lovely metal jug and fake carnations to celebrate from Ikea. I am still in love with them and they look lovely in our breakfast room!

My brother sent me this fake cake from Japan (where he lives) and I was never sure what to do with it but it’s stayed on my desk ever since harbouring paperclips.

Alex bought me this blue anchor necklace ages ago – I was amazingly rude about it and have never warn it but I love its gaudiness! And, the fact that she got me a present.

Our beautiful letter pressed in Wales business cards – I can say without any doubt that they were the most beautiful card anyone we gave them to would have received. I’m keeping one of mine and Alex’s with our stripy paper clip. Alex was surprised I wanted to throw out the other 400 of them but they don’t even have my new name on them.

When we were going through the cupboards we found all sorts of wonderful things from a bell in D# (bought for a speed networking event) to a loudspeaker to a tub of out of date glassier cherries (Katie and Emma had eaten the other tub a while back and used to complain of it making their tongues go numb!). To acompany the out-of-date cherries were 7 boxes of cocktail umbrellas. You can’t very well throw them out so every dinner party from now on is going to be accompanied by pina coladas!

For some reason when we got our iPads we felt we needed a keyboard. It was rarely used and lived next to my computer as the world’s most expensive post-it holder. Mike has since enjoyed playing with it to see if it will work with his phone (it does) and even comtemplated carrying it around for that purpose. I don’t think so.

Finally, and I have done a special close up of this VIP, Grandaddy of the knick-knacks for you, we have the Garlic Cloves. We bought these in September 2009 to stuff in some olives. For some reason (probably because it’s easier to just buy olives stuffed with garlic) we never did this and so, due to the garlic’s nautical properties (you can just make out the ship on the label), it became a mascot and lived on as an ornament on our fire place. I feel terrible but it is now time to say goodbye.

So long Sailor Girl and Garlic mascot, you live on through the power of the internet xxx