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if you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to even find time to have a wash, there’s always something more pressing. Here I’m hoping to encourage myself and you to put yourself first a bit more!

back at bootcamp


25 Feb, 2019

I started back at bootcamp yesterday morning and I am beat! I write this in a dark room at 8:30pm and I’m aching from head to toe (literally. I have a headache and a blister and every muscle in between hurts!) – the minute I finish this I’ll be going to sleep ready for tomorrow’s onslaught.

But I’m so happy to be doing it!

Back to bootcamp

Back at bootcamp

Yesterday morning I crept out of bed at 6am to make myself some breakfast and express some milk for when Nancy woke up (I’ve been stocking up on milk in the freezer just in case but I also need to express first thing if I don’t want them to explode during my workout)… I don’t find expressing to be anywhere near as effective as Nancy though so thankfully she woke 15 mins before I had to leave so I fed her. Then I was off leaving dad in charge.

Back to bootcamp

It was such a stunning morning and I thoroughly enjoyed the drive in; having some me time and listening to a podcast.

My group is huge, maybe 50 people and the workout itself was really tough. Lots of HIIT and Tabatha style things (squats/lunges/burpees all for 40 seconds on 20 seconds off) that lasted forever (or 45 minutes if you want specifics!).

It will get easier though!!

back to bootcamp – diet

To help us reach our 20lb target, they’ve also given us a diet plan. At first it seems a bit complex but actually so far so good.

Dippy eggs and asparagus soldiers this morning were a revelation!

Back to bootcamp

I think it’s going to really help to kick some bad habits, get me out of my cooking-the-same-thing rut and get me cooking and experimenting again. Fingers crossed for next week’s weigh-in.

Baby weight


It’s time to start losing it

18 Feb, 2019

Nancy’s turned 3 months, life has calmed down a wee bit and routines are starting to fall into place, so my attention has turned to this baby weight that has no intention of ‘dropping off with breastfeeding’.

I’m going to Baby Weight Bootcamp!

The problem with being knackered is you don’t make great food choices (or I don’t) and you surely don’t want to exercise (or I don’t). I turn to caffeine, sugar and rubbish white carbs. In the first couple of weeks this was ok and I still lost weight. Over time, however, I have put any weight I lost back on but by then it was too late. The bad habits had taken hold.

So it’s time for a diet and exercise overhaul. As of next Monday, I’m doing a 6 week bootcamp (45 min class, 3 time a week), with the aim of losing some weight and getting some energy back.

I’m going back to Elite; 4 years  ago, almost to the day, I started their 6 week program and lost 20lbs. I found it such an amazing experience. I loved the workouts and found the diet both effective and not too restrictive.

You can watch my weekly video diaries from when I did the Bootcamp last time, including the final video where I share what I’ve learnt, by visiting this post, Final Weight Loss.

Prepping for Baby weight Bootcamp

This week I’m in that weird space before all the action starts. I don’t want to fall into the diet-tomorrow trap and eat sh*t all week, so I’m focussing on getting prepared, both in terms of the diet and having the right foods in, but also prepping myself for the exercise.


I’ve done a couple of exercise classes since having Nancy and I’ve noticed my back gets tired very quickly due to a lack of core strength. So, I’m going to do this 10 minute core workout by Carly Rowena (she’s a personal trainer who had a baby a month after me). I did it this morning with Nancy lying next to me watching.

Hip flexers

In addition to the core workout I’m also going to spend some serious time stretching my hip flexors. Tight hip flexors (from loads of sitting – breastfeeding anyone?) can also cause lower back pain. I am by no means a runner but this is a helpful how to video.

I’ll let you know how I’m getting on!

What ways have you found to be helpful to lose the baby weight?



13 Apr, 2015

Final Weight Loss - 6 week body transformation. How I lost 20lbs in 6 weeks including an example meal and tabata workout! http://www.mumsdays.com/final-weight-loss/

Today was my final weigh-in for the 6 week body transformation at Elite Physique (see my first body transformation update here)!!! How did I do with my overall weight loss? …well, I didn’t quite hit my 20lb target but I was pretty close.

Final Weight Loss = 19.2lbs

I am so pleased with that!!!

Here’s how I have got on over the last 6 weeks… (more…)

16 Mar, 2015

I have started a 6 Week Body Transformation, with a company called Elite Physique, where I aim to lose 20lbs!! I warn you, this is going to get gushy… {UPDATE: If you’d like to see who I got on read my Final Weight Loss here}

6 week body transformation - click here for weeks 1, 2 and 3 video diary with Mums' Days: http://www.mumsdays.com/6-week-body-transformation/

6 week body transformation

The plan is as follows:

1. Workout with Elite Physique 3 days a week (my sessions are at 6:45am)

2. On 3 of the other days workout for 50 minutes

3. Stick to their eating plan

Today is the 1st day of week 3 and the day of our third weigh in. I only lost 2 lbs last week but I’ve been much better at sticking to the plan this week, so I dared to hope for more this week and I lost 4 lbs, which I’m really chuffed with!

**6 lbs down 14 to go!**

1. Well being, early mornings and exercise

So far it has been all consuming, from the early wake ups, to planning and sticking (not so much here) to the diet and, although I’m feeling particularly tired today, I am loving it. I don’t mind the early mornings at all, there’s something amazing about being up at that time, seeing the new day before everyone else. The workouts are really hard and really good. The feeling I get as I’m driving home is literally close to euphoria, I’ve been feeling so incredibly lucky to be alive (after listening to Amy Winehouse on the way home), to have my wonderful family and their support, and to be able to do something life changing like this for them and for me. I’ve been on the verge of tears (who am I trying to kid? I was sobbing). So I’d say it’s been quite a powerful emotional experience!

Exercising on the other days is less easy to motivate myself to do, but I’m working on it!

2. The Diet Plan

The biggest revelation has been the diet. It’s great and I’m not hungry. Well, I am but at the right times, and it’s bloody easy to follow. My biggest problem and the reason I put on weight, was I simply ate too much (and drank too much wine) – I have an insatiable appetite and left to my own devices, I would eat the same portion as Mike, if not bigger when no one was watching. So having someone tell me what and how much to eat is amazing. I think it is the true power of what a program like this can offer; rules, peer pressure and competition replaces self-discipline!

Mike keeps telling me, often when he has a beer or a glass of wine in his hand, how proud and impressed he is of me…but it’s easy. It’s a game! And I get games. You just follow the rules and you’re onto a winner.

It’s Monopoly. You can’t collect £200 unless you pass go, so for the most part it removes the £200 from your mind. You’ll get your £200 when you’re entitled to it! The £200 in this case is obviously wine or chocolate or a Chinese or {insert your vice of choice here}. Therefore, I don’t feel deprived and if I do, I take myself off to bed and get some much needed zeds.

3. Sleep

Which leads me onto the other biggy for me… sleep! Ooh how I love it. Normally my day would go like this:

Reuben wakes at some ungodly hour, and I try and get him to sleep some more, dozing on and off in some horrific game of torture where I am rudely awoken by having my ribs crushed ever few minutes/seconds.

I’m tired all day.

Reuben goes to bed at 7pm. I’m beyond tired, have tea and I use food and drink to fuel me through a few more adult hours.

That last sentence is pretty crucial. So instead of going to bed, I use substances (food and drink that my body doesn’t need and so kindly pops into my saddle bags for later) to keep me awake until ‘bedtime’.

But recently, as I mentioned in How to Blog like an Athlete, I am getting my hiney into bed sometimes as early as 7:30/8pm. If I’m going to be up the next day at 5:30am to workout, I need to get enough rest (8 to 9 hours is the recommended amount –  hands up who’s managing that?!).

I should also point out here that the more you sleep the more likely you are to lose weight. Athletes, them again, get around 9 or 10 hours sleep and might up this by another 2 hours if they are competing (source)! And according to this infographic from Sleep Genius… sleeping less than 5.5 hours makes it 55% harder to lose weight and sleeping less than 6 hours makes you 25% more hungry.

That would explain a lot. I definitely feel hungrier, and colder for that matter, when I’m tired!

So, that’s it so far! if you would like to hear it from the horse’s mouth, you can watch my video diary’s for week 1, 2 and 3 below.

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Have you ever tried a 6 week body transformation? What did you find worked for you?