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15 Oct, 2014

My heart has broken so many times this week since I shared Claire from Joy and Pops Baby Loss and Birth Story. Mothers and fathers have come forward to share their grief and remember their little ones who died during pregnancy or soon after. What should have been the happiest day of their life became the very, very worst. The thing that would change them forever.

Baby Loss Awareness Day - 15th October 2014 - Wave of Light

I used to want to live in ignorance, to pretend that this doesn’t happened and that it does’t happen every single day. It was too awful to comprehend. Baby Loss Awareness Week has opened my eyes and I won’t hide from it anymore. This is real and the devastation is real. Whether it was this week, which for some people who came forward it was, or 20, 30, 40 years ago, these parents mourn their loss. The little personality they didn’t get to know as they watch them grow.

Baby Loss and the Wave of Light

Today at 7pm across the world people are lighting candles to remember these little ones and acknowledge their parents’ grief and pain. Keeping the candle burning for 1 hour means that the light will continuously burn around the world for a whole day and we can unit.

So today, as I collect names of the little people who are loved and who made a huge impact on the lives around them in such a short time, I light a candle for each and every one and remember them.

Baby Loss Awareness Day - 15th October 2014 - Wave of Light

Louis and his mum Claire

Jenson and his parents Mark and Erin

Hugo and his mum Leigh

Jamie and his mum Janine

Noor, lost 2 weeks ago, and her mum

Laura and her mum Gill (and Hannah, her sister)

Matilda Mae and her family the Edspires

Helen who lost Phoebe last week

Amelia and her mum Pepper

Ethan and his mum Laura

Kayleigh and her mum Marie

Santino and his mum Maria Louisa

Liz who lost her baby 2 weeks ago

Kylie and her little boy

Siobhan and her mum Bev

Mandy and her twin boys Shaun and Robbie

Warrick and his mum Catherine

Caroline and her twins (5 years ago this week)

Nathaniel and his mum Shirley

Tamsin and her mum Lucy and her twin sister

Kelly-Marie and her mum Julie

LJ and TJ and their mum Laura

Bethany May and her mum Bec

Lily-Anne and her mum Linda

Eoghan and his mum Angie

Carson and his mum Stephanie

Austin James and his Nan Ceri

Layla Marie and her mum Kayleigh

Amy Rose and her mum, Jo, her dad and her brother, Luke

Gerard and his mum Fiona

Jaydon and his aunty Leigh

Kim and her son, Sam, and niece, Emma, both would have been 17 today

I wish strength and peace to every Mum and Dad and Grandma and Grandad and Sister and Brother who has an Angel Baby. Much love xxx