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if you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to even find time to have a wash, there’s always something more pressing. Here I’m hoping to encourage myself and you to put yourself first a bit more!

09 Jun, 2014

Whoops. My New Years Resolution for 2014 was to blog every day and I have failed after making it half way through the year! Not to worry, I enjoyed my four days off and I think I benefitted from the mini blog break. Special shout outs to Aby, Ang and Beth for noticing my absence/tweeting me up xxx

Real Life

We’ve been glamping! We hired a LUSH motorhome from Tyne Valley Motorhomes, drove almost the full length of England, saw my best mate in Olney, went to Mike’s Brother’s wedding in Kent and then drove back home yesterday, which took over 8 hours including a couple of stops. I’ve never  been more thankful of Peppa Pig but Reuben did also do some other stuff (sleeping, looking out the window, reading, playing with diggers, eating, etc.) which added up to a grand total of about 3 hours.

Mums' List 14 - the blog break http://www.mumsdays.com/mums-list-14-blog-break/


Mums' List 14 - the blog break http://www.mumsdays.com/mums-list-14-blog-break/

iPad heaven

I really loved the motor home, which I didn’t think I would so I’ll be sharing more on that over the coming days. The wedding was lovely – by divine intervention we managed to avoid the rain on Saturday and Sarah looked stunning!

Mums' List 14 - the blog break http://www.mumsdays.com/mums-list-14-blog-break/

Mike (on the right!) and Richard don’t look competitive at all…Image Courtesy of James Grist Photography

Blog and Social Media

Errrrrr, I had a blog break…? In all honesty, we didn’t have phone reception when we got to our first destination so I decided there and then to just take some time off and not stress. But, really I need to be more bloody organised! I know from Ang at A Mother’s Tale, that she queues up all her posts at the beginning of the week. I’ve got to stop being such a rookie (as Peg says in this great post about editorial calendars) and get scheduling and planning more.

Instead of writing blogs and scheduling, what I was doing was messing around with Facebook. You have GOT to read this incredible article about best practice in Facebook. Seriously good stuff. In the article Fawn simply states that she places an FB ad to the value of $2-5 per day. I received £20 recently for some work I did, so I decided to try this out for size – a 7 day ad capped at £3/day and FB estimated I would get between 5 and 18 likes per day.

On average I’d say I receive 5-10 new likes a week, so far (and I think today might be the last day of the ad) I have received an extra 225 likes, 196 were via the advert, the rest were organic. Not bad, huh? And these are people who are friends with people who already like my page and they are CHOOSING to click like, which is a big difference from paying for likes! I’ve not decided what I’ll do in the future but since I’m now spent up, I’d better look to make some more money. Which brings me nicely onto…


…and these two hot mama bloggers. Vicki from Honest Mum and Alice from More than Toast (who I also saw in London last weekend for my best mate’s Birthday – image below!) have been sharing their secrets on how they have made a career out of their blogs…again, I’m sure you’ve already seen these great posts but just in case, they are must reads!

Mums' List 14 - the blog break http://www.mumsdays.com/mums-list-14-blog-break/Perfectly sober…

Your Turn!

I’d love to see how your week has gone, so please do link in your lists (or any other list posts you’ve written this week)!

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22 Aug, 2013

Apologies for the little interruption but I was hoping you might be able to help?!


Please could you help? For me? It was my 1st Birthday afterall!

I have written a survey to help me improve this blog…please could you fill it in for me? Click here to take the survey.

It only takes a minute girl (well, 5 tops!) and it’s totally anonymous so be as brutally honest (yet constructive!) as you’d like.

Thank you in advance and p.s. I’m really looking forward to blogging again! Thank you for your patience xx (in the meantime, you can join in the conversations over on facebook)

Hannah xx

31 Jul, 2013

Firstly Lake Windermere

We are currently having a wonderful time in Ambleside right by Lake Windermere. It’s beautiful and so nice to have my family around me doing ‘wholesome family things’ (Mike’s words as he bought us all new bikes and Reuben a trailer, which he currently hates!). We’ve barely turned the telly on. And we’ve been biking and reading and laughing and playing games and finding teeny tiny frogs and eating blueberries (and drinking too much wine). It’s lovely.

lake windermere

Dipping our toes into Lake Windermere after a ‘wholesome’ trudge up a hill!