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if you’re anything like me, you find it difficult to even find time to have a wash, there’s always something more pressing. Here I’m hoping to encourage myself and you to put yourself first a bit more!

Taking a break


Blog break!

30 Apr, 2016

Hello there! Thank you so much for stopping by my blog.

At the moment I am taking a break from writing Mums’ Days but please do explore the 750 articles I have written here over the last 4 (+) years!

I started Mums’ Days when I was pregnant, so you’ll find articles relating to pregnancy, health and fitness, the new born months and much more as I’ve explored my new role as a mother. Hopefully you’ll find something that tickles your fancy!

Taking a break

Anyone who blogs (professionally or otherwise) will tell you that blogging is brilliant and exhausting!

I’ve decided to take a break as we’ve recently been through some big changes as a family and I’ve been doing some soul searching to get my head around it all (I did an online course called Life with Intention by my favourite podcaster, Jess Lively! I’d highly recommend it if you can get on it).

I realised that I’ve lost sight of what it is I want to do with my life. What truly gives me meaning, a purpose and makes me happy. I’ve been allowing blogging (namely stats, my tots100 score and likes on Facebook, etc…) to define me and my sense of self worth, and it is a recipe for never feeling good enough.

About a month ago I was completely done with it all. But I’ve had some time off and I’ve started to miss it, so I don’t think this is going to be a forever break anymore.

For the next couple of months I’m going to basically hibernate away from the internet so that I can focus on Reuben (can you believe this is his last term before he starts school? He’s not 4 until August. Sob!!), do some gardening and reading.

If you’d like to get in touch with me, you can do so on hannah@mumsdays.com.

Thanks for all your support!

Let me tell you my tale of laser hair removal…

24 Mar, 2016

Do you remember when you were a kid and you used to see the big girls at school and want to be them?

laser hair removal with Saks Beauty in Gosforth

They were always so cool, calm and collected, and gorgeous. So, you’d buy Just 17 and wear your hair just so and buy ridiculous clothing (just me? Kudos to my mum for letting me express myself, that must have taken restraint).

Well, I don’t think I’ve ever grown out of that. I remember at about 21 I saw some chic looking women (in New York) with deep pink nail varnish and as soon as I got back into that departure lounge I made a beeline for the beauty counter to find the exact shade. Chanel, of course. I thought it would make me look cool and NYC chic too.

Fast forward to 32 and I still have friends a few years older than me that I hope I’ll be like when I “grow up”.

I’ll have great hair and overall be much better presented.

One particular thing that has stuck with me over the years of knowing these friends was a particular conversation about bikini lines….

I was going for yet another excruciatingly painful bikini wax whilst pregnant, which is one of the most painful things (aside from labour) that I’ve ever been through, and my friend said, “You know, laser is the way forward.”

Well, it’s stuck with me, always something on the beauty to-do list that will transform me into one of my glamorous friends. I will exude confidence when I no longer have fuzz poking out the side of my swimming costume during an impromptu swim with the kids.

And, never has laser been more needed – since giving birth, waxing has become too much to bare (pun intended and I wrote about my waxing revolt here), so things have become a bit unkempt, shall we say?

As a slight aside, I do know really that I will never be “put together” in the way I’d like to be and I’m OK with that, it’s probably why my friends like me in the first place. Maybe a bit of goofy goes a long way?

Laser Hair Removal with Saks

But that didn’t stop me jumping at the chance to finally give it a go when Saks Beauty in Gosforth approached me to try out a course of laser hair removal in my nether regions!

I knew they had some of the best equipment in the area (it costs them a fortune to maintain but it has the best results in the quickest time, so it’s really worth the investment), so if anyone was going to ‘have at it’, it was going to be them.

After a quick phone call where I asked the owner, Nic, a million stupid questions (“can we do all 6 treatments in a week?” “No, hunny, you need 6 to 8 weeks between sessions”), we were ready to go.

All you have to do before your appointment is to shave the places where you don’t want hair to grow anymore (you may need the lawnmower to begin with).

I arrived to a really warm welcome and Nic immediately put me at ease. Which was good because shortly after she was face to face with my intimates. About 5 minutes and a few zaps later (a bit like being twanged by an elastic band), I was done. And I could walk out perfectly comfortably.

This was new.

I was used to leaving a salon John Wayne style, wincing in pain!

Since then (it’s been about 7 weeks), I’ve been diligently shaving the area. The only issue I’ve had was a bit of irritation to begin with from shaving. But with some post shaving cream (I’ve got some The Cool Fix Targeted Gel Lotion, which is awesome) it’s been sorted out a treat.

Already, after only 1 session, I can tell that the hairs have drastically changed! I’m telling you this is the way forward.

Perhaps, once I’m hair-free and confident of no further swimming costume capers, I’ll be able to turn my attention to more items on my beauty to-do list!

Laser Hair Removal Costs…

A single laser hair removal treatment on your nethers at Saks Beauty in Gosforth costs £45 and you will need between 3 to 6 treatments, and maybe the occational one or two after having another baby or any other hormonal changes.

To put this into context in contrast to Waxing…

The difference between a lifetime of waxing (£250/year for 20 years is £5000!) compared to a course of laser hair removal treatments (£270 for 6, plus the odd one here and there) – you’re looking at a saving of £4730.


Give Nic a call on 0191 340 0420 and she’ll see you right.

For super soft skin

29 Feb, 2016

My face has been having its moments recently. I’m either breaking out in spots or suffering from really dry skin, or most commonly, both! So this Coffee Face Scrub has been a saviour.

Scrub up with this homemade, organic coffee face scrub!

The coffee exfoliates and plumps up your skin, while the yoghurt and added coconut oil really rehydrates, making your skin feel amazing.

Homemade Coffee Face Scrub

I came across the recipe in The Honest Life by Jessica Alba, which is packed full of lovely and chemical-free ideas for your home and family. I first wrote about the book 3 years ago in Jessica Alba made me clean the house and I still refer to it regularly so I’d highly recommend it.

Anyway onto the recipe! You will need:


– 1/2 cup of greek yoghurt (I’ve used Yeo Valley Organic Greek Style Yoghurt)

– 1 tbsp ground coffee (I’ve used Cafédirect Organic Ground Coffee, which you can get from most supermarkets)

Added Extras

> For oily skin add: a squeeze of lemon juice

> For Dry skin add a tbsp of coconut oil

> You can also add some bicarbonate of soda for breakouts or use oats in place of the coffee for a more gentle scrub!


All you need to do is:

1. Mix the ingredients you want to use together

2. Rub into your skin in a gentle circular motion

3. Leave it to dry

4. Wash off for silky smooth skin!

Scrub up with this homemade, organic coffee face scrub!

The amounts above do make enough for a few applications, but the mix will last a few days in an airtight container or jar or give the rest to your mum. Hello Mother’s Day!

Have you got a favourite DIY face scrub?

I’d love to hear in the comments below or come and join the conversation on the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall!


Dresses to dress up and down!

24 Feb, 2016

Yesterday I was sat in our sunny dinning room daydreaming about spring. I’m not a massive fan of winter and being cold, so a little bit of warmth is definitely welcome! But then I realised that after I Marie Kondoed my wardrobe I basically only have a winter wardrobe so I really need to address my spring fashion collection.

I have two main values when it comes to my wardrobe…

1. To keep it simple (too much choice stresses me out!)

2. To love everything in it

So I’m aiming to buy a few key pieces for spring that I love, and that I can dress up and down! Here’s a few suggestions…

Easy Spring Fashion – Dresses

I love wearing dresses – probably owing to the months while Breastfeeding when I couldn’t wear them! – so I’ve pulled together a little wish list from my new favourite online fashion inspiration site, Lyst. It’s got some really neat ideas for fashion dunces like myself and takes you straight to the site so you can buy the items you love. Here are my favourite dresses for some easy spring fashion to dress up and down.

Easy Spring Fashion to dress up and down! (more…)

it's a bloggy one...

17 Feb, 2016

I’ve had so many people ask me about my iPhone setup for the Pancake video!

I thought I’d give you a quick introduction to the stuff I use to make videos with my iPhone, which will set you back around £70, and a couple of examples of where I’ve used them.

My iPhone Setup for Video - including tripod, speaker and lens (more…)

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