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Extreme bib testing

15 Sep, 2013

Right y’all have I got a bib for you! I know you’re probably thinking: “Bib? What’s so exciting about that?” But this Jake Giraffe Bib from Piccolo Bambino is awesome!

I like to think I’m becoming a bit of a bib connoisseur. We have a selection of bibs for all occasions ranging from the ‘smart’ dribble catcher for refined eating (see Do babies do afternoon tea?) to the full on ‘we’re eating spag bol with our fingers’ body suit or if I’m in the mood, this is also known as being naked. And sometimes we even just free-style it without a bib at all. Chancers that we are.


Reuben sporting the ‘smart’ bib for a birthday party


Bib free styling – just eatin’ me strawbs