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Scary Eaters Photo Competition

22 Oct, 2013

This is the last and final competition as part of Prize-tober – especially special thanks to Nuby for providing all the goodies to give away, they have been great!

So, if you read my blog and any of the posts about weaning, you’ll know that I have a special little phobia of food mess. I don’t like it being smulched around, or smeared into little finger crevices or ears or corners of seats, etc.

red pepper - scary eaters competition

A scary pumkin moustache – blurgh!

I’m getting over it as I know it’s an important part of Reuben’s development! But I still don’t like it. So, in the spirit of Halloween, and because the final prize of prize-tober is the monster range from Nuby, I thought we could do a “Hallo’wean” competition!

Facebook competition

Monster Eating Range from Nuby

All you have to do is post a photo of your little one being messy, i.e. scary to me, (or cute or just eating nicely!) to the Mum’s Days facebook wall for your chance to win the Monster range from Nuby! I’ll create a facebook gallery for all the entrances so you can go through and see your little scary eater and all the others, and I’ll announce the winner on 31st October!

To give you an example, Emma (who wrote this post for us about Eczema) has kindly given me permission to demonstrate some scary eating by her little cutie pie, Abigail…

scary eaters competition

Definite smulching going on there!! AAaaaaarrgh!

She then trumped this picture with a truly Hallo’wean’ picture, complete with what can only be descibed as orange and green gloop, of her first babe, Beth, aged 7 months here:

Facebook competition - Hallo'wean'

Recon you could trump one of these? Get uploading your pictures on the Mum’s Days Facebook page!!

I’m afraid only people who live in the UK can win the facebook competition but feel free to still send in your photos for the gallery! xx