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Give your toast some ooh la la!

13 Feb, 2016

French Toast (or Eggy Bread as it’s less romantically known around these parts) just seems perfect for Valentines, don’t you think?

French Toast - Easy Valentines Breakfast!

And you can dress dress them up in so many different ways – sweet with fruit and syrup, or savoury (ish) with bacon and syrup. Gabby likes it simply with tomato ketchup!

It’s also very amenable to a pastry cutter, meaning your toast could get some extra va va voom whatever the time of year (I’m thinking about my Easter Cutters I bought 2 years ago and still haven’t used!).

But today we’re going to eat our hearts out. Get it?!

Here’s what to do – and don’t forget to save the bread slice from the largest heart!

French Toast – Easy Valentines Breakfast