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Give your toast some ooh la la!

13 Feb, 2016

French Toast (or Eggy Bread as it’s less romantically known around these parts) just seems perfect for Valentines, don’t you think?

French Toast - Easy Valentines Breakfast!

And you can dress dress them up in so many different ways – sweet with fruit and syrup, or savoury (ish) with bacon and syrup. Gabby likes it simply with tomato ketchup!

It’s also very amenable to a pastry cutter, meaning your toast could get some extra va va voom whatever the time of year (I’m thinking about my Easter Cutters I bought 2 years ago and still haven’t used!).

But today we’re going to eat our hearts out. Get it?!

Here’s what to do – and don’t forget to save the bread slice from the largest heart!

French Toast – Easy Valentines Breakfast


08 Feb, 2016

Well hello there! Welcome to my blog if you’re new here and if you’re a regular, welcome back! Today I thought I would reblog my Easy Pancake Recipe, which I first published here on the blog back in 2013 when Reuben was a mere year old.

It’s been one of my most popular blogs, consistently bringing in traffic every month, so I’ve updated it to include a quick video tutorial, which proves how easy this pancake recipe really is!

Have a wonderful Pancake Day and scroll down to see the rest of the post, with the recipe and photos!

Easy Pancake Recipe

Have I got a super mega easy pancake recipe for you today – I’ve been meaning to share this for literally months. It’s been my go-to recipe for something Reubs will definitely eat, THAT IS HEALTHY, ever since Claire Manby suggested this recipe on the Mum’s Days Facebook Page back in June. I’ve altered the original recipe as I felt like I was eating a porridge patty but the result is an even easier recipe! So, if you like pancakes (who doesn’t?) and you want an easy pancake recipe (there are only 4 ingredients!), stick around… (more…)

It's carb-free and blinking yummy on...everything!

12 Nov, 2015

This heavenly Herb and Garlic Butter Recipe is a firm favourite in the Mums’ Days Household at the moment.

Cheer up your veg with this Heavenly Herb and Garlic Butter Recipe - super simple and ready in minutes. (more…)

24 Sep, 2015

Back in June I decided it was time to deal with Reuben’s fussy eating. Since the age of one he had refused to eat anything that wasn’t beige, with the exception of fruit, and absolutely no meat or vegetables (unless you hid them, of course). I went through a whole range of emotions from feeling like a failure and a terrible mother, to acceptance and cutting myself some slack (I highly recommend going with the latter, by the way).

I wrote a post about How to cope with a fussy eater well over a year ago to help me deal with it, as really it was only me who was suffering. And, while I was happily going along with that process and there were some improvements (the addition of spaghetti Bolognese was a huge turning point), I felt at nearly 3 it really was time to try something new. Enter the sticker chart (here’s a free Halloween sticker chart I made yesterday!).

Fussy eater? Then check out these 10 Tips for sticker chart success! (more…)

23 Sep, 2015

Reuben is an incredibly fussy eater but we’ve recently been having some success with a sticker chart. I’ve written about what we did and my tips for fussy eaters and succeeding with a sticker chart here…but basically, I think the combination of him turning 3, so his understanding had increased, and the power of a reward system has really paid off!

There are tons of great charts out there but I struggled to find anything generic that could be used for anything. Many of the charts are related to toilet training or chores, not so much for little ones with a penchant for beige food (although I’m sure they’re out there). Whilst I was writing up my tips, I thought for fun I would create my own sticker chart.

Since we’re now in the run up to Halloween, why not do a Halloween themed Sticker Chart.

I’ve left it blank so you can use it for any reward system you like, not just for food, and left a space where you can write your child’s name.

I guess the prize for completing it could be something like go to a Halloween Party or to go trick or treating? Or both?! Since there’s only 12 spaces, you may need to complete 2 lots of the chart before the big day!

What do you need the power of the sticker chart to help you with?!

Halloween Sticker Chart

Just click the image you want and press print

Orange Sticker Chart

Halloween sticker chart - free printable sticker chart / reward chart

White Sticker Chart

Halloween sticker chart - free printable sticker chart / reward chart

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