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17 Aug, 2012

So, I think many of you will have heard that the super gorgeous baby Reuben was finally born on Sunday morning. He is just amazing and I plan to fill you in on all the gory details of the what felt like the world’s longest labour soon (it’s taking a while and very difficult with a new born and therefore very limited sleep!)…

Before that I wanted to tell you about our due-date date (I believe I refered to this as our final fling in my last post) on the anniversary of me turning 40 weeks pregnant – we decided that to celebrate each other and enjoy potentially our last opportunity we would have to go out for a meal together for a while (in theory), we would take the Labourmobile out for a spin to a gorgeous restaurant in Jesmond called Firenze for a romantic meal.

with the soon to be Labourmobile (Hyundai i30, Benfield Motors) feeling MASSIVE – still got my heels on though!

At Firenze in Jesmond being romantic

At Firenze in Jesmond being even more romantic watching the Usain Bolt 200m race

Tempaura Prawns and anti-pasta starters (Mike said it was the best he’d ever had!)

 Lamb and Salad – not a classic combo but I needed to get my vitamins up so no chips for me!

Gorgeous pasta – you can’t beat this for comfort food

Now we’re talking – this in itself probably released all the Oxytocin I needed!

I was so convinced that there would be no chance the baby would come, in fact I thought he would be 2 weeks late – as you know I was worried about being induced (more to come on this). Plus, literally everyone I bumped into would say “you’re sitting really high, I think it’ll be another week or so”. So disheartening!!

However, we were still trying to do those natural induction techniques I mentioned – I’d had my sweep, the midwife had recommended 3 bonks a day, and we were being romantic to try and release lots of Oxytosin (the birth hormone). Something must have worked because my waters broke the very next day!