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It’s easy with little ones to forget about your partner so this category is all about lurve and keeping your relationship alive!

A parents' day off to Epic Kielder - part 2

11 Sep, 2013

This is the second of our Epic (heroic or grand in scale) his&her blogs about our date, sans kids, to Kielder. The first was by yours truly, a woman’s perspective of this ‘activity’ date. And this is the second by him (Mike).

So, for the first time ever here is a blog post from my husband, Mike!

As the editor, I perhaps should have removed some of the PDA (public display of affection) but, hey! it’s not every day you get some words of affirmation for all to see! So, it’s staying.

Quick introduction; I’m Mike (Hannah’s husband), and whilst away with her enjoying our day and night in Kielder, it popped into my head that I should write a complimentary blog post of our joint experience, from the man’s point of view. It didn’t just pop into my head, because if it did, that’s where it would have remained. Instead it tripped off my tongue and out into the open, where Hannah seized upon the opportunity to act as my editor. To be fair she’s been far from a tough task-master, and I’ve been allowed to merrily leave this until the last minute, so here we *finally* go…

The Date to Kielder – by him

Kielder excited me for many reasons: I like the outdoors, I love biking (used to), I like massages – who doesn’t?, I like country living, country pubs, and best of all this was a chance to spend some time with my wife, alone; without children. That last bit was the important bit for me. Whilst we try to make time for each other, inevitably with young children, extended family and work commitments it’s hard. Mostly it’s Reuben who makes this hard, we can’t just do impromptu meals or drinks on an evening as we used to. Even organising a time to visit Kielder proved to be logistically taxing. But in the end we managed and here’s what happened.


A parents' day off to Epic Kielder

10 Sep, 2013

Yesterday I introduced my newest category “time to love” because, while there’s a lot of love in our house it isn’t always the LURVE kind. So, this here “EPIC” (I’ll get to that in a moment) blog kicks off the first of a series of posts about love and relationships and keeping it all alive while you have little ones running around ravaging your time and energy levels! Because this is an extra special date, sponsored by Visit Kielder, both Mike and I have written our own his and her points of view about the date. So, without further ado I bring you…

Our Epic Date to Kielder Water and Forest Park – by her

Probably the first thing you are thinking is why am I using the word Epic? I agree, no one over the age of 12 should use it. However, I’m not using it in the #epic (or worse still #EpicFail) sense but in the Oxford English Dictionary sense (“heroic or grand in scale”). Which therefore makes it OK.

Kielder is Epic. A lake that is huge, wild, remote and stunning. It has a quiet about it that you just can’t get in the Lakes (which is why I found the Lakes a bit claustrophobic when we visited is July, there are people and cars everywhere!). All things you probably wouldn’t associate with something that is manmade. That’s how epic it really is.