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03 Feb, 2014

I’m a sucker for quotes. My ‘Time for Mum’ Pinterest Board is full of inspirational messages that I can look at when I’m feeling, well, less inspired. And I’ve also recently realised I’m a bit of a sucker for Valentines…I’ve got crafts organised for Gabriella and her cousins this weekend, I’ve got a secret trip planned for Mike and I on Valentine’s Day, and I’ve found myself recently searching for this term on pinterest…Valentines Day Quotes. I kid you not.

I may as well own it. I love the power of a good quote and often (very often) the words of others can really sum up how I feel. I wish I could be more succinct!

The other thing I have been doing today is learning more about Pinterest. I’ve discovered that quite a bit of my traffic comes from Pinterest even though I don’t use it much! So I’ve been investigating how I can improve Mums’ Days Pinterest presence on there.

One piece of advice was to create your own pin able images, so I’ve been playing with some of the valentines day quotes that I’ve found and made them into images (using the fantastic and free resource called PicMonkey).

Here it is, a list of my favourite quotes and messages, that might help you on the 13th February when you’re not sure what what you want to write in your card to your beloved! If you like the images I have created please do pin them for me!! xx

My favourite Valentines Day Quotes and Messages…

Valentines Day Quotes

Valentines Day Quotes

Valentines Day Quotes

From Lily and Val’s Etsy story


Valentines Day Quotes

Printable from Today’s Mama

Valentines Day Quotes

 From DoodlingsCo Etsy story (I also love their you stole my heart picture!)

Valentines Day Quotes

From LetterHappy Etsy

Valentines Day Quotes

From Hillary Bird’s Etsy store (sold out but she has loads of other lovely things!)

What are your favourite Valentines Day Quotes? Please do leave a comment!

03 Feb, 2012

Forget your novelty fluffy handcuffs, they are not welcome here in the land of pregnant woman – I want comfort and amusement, and also probably food and a delicious non-alcohol alternative to champagne.

Here’s a few things that would sufficiently amuse!

  1. £3.50 Iron on Love Labels (Paperchase)- I’ve no idea what I’d do with them but they are cute all the same!
  2. £8.75 love scrap book (Paperchase)- For your dates: cinema ticket, meal receipts, etc (not).
  3. £3.95 Vintage Love Mug (dotcomgiftshop)- My mug cupboard is over flowing but I’d find room.
  4. £25.00 Home Cushion (M&S)- for my aching muscles
  5. £19.00 (in the sale) Bright Blue Jeggings (M&S) – stretchy comfort


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