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14 Feb, 2012

On Thursday Gabriella and I are hosting a little Kids Valentines party for her cousins, Milly and Olivia. We’re going to be very girly and make some lovely things and then have a tea party. So, I’ve been on a hunt for some cute things to make and do…

Skip to my Lou have a few lovely ideas I think I’ll try. Firstly, Rice Krispie Hearts (which Gabriella doesn’t like but she’ll enjoy decorating and I’ll enjoy eating!), which I can make before and then the girls can set to work decorating without much help.

Rice Krispie hearts - Valentine crafts for kids

Secondly, I thought these little butterfly lollies were lovely and something they can take home with them. There is a printable version on the site but seen as we don’t have a printer, I’m going to be old fashioned and just do it myself and the girls can decorate.

Lovely lollies - Valentine crafts for kids

Finally, these hearts with legs cards are cute and look easy to make, so they should be a winner too.

Hearts with legs - Valentine crafts for kids

For food, I was going to make spaghetti bolonaise but that’s really rather boring, so unless I can find some heart shaped pasta tomorrow, I think we should go for something a bit more like this Valentines Pizza…courtesy of One Charming Party (a scarily impressive party planning blog!) – they also have some other lovely DIY valentine presents that I may well use for my own card (that I haven’t yet made for Mike!!).

Lovely pizza - Valentine crafts for kids

And, a love potion to wash it down (made with lots of berries, so you might want to give some to your lover too, *wink wink*. Although…who’s interested in that this valentines?!)

Love potion - Valentine crafts for kids

Have a lovely Valentines, whatever you get up to, and do pass on any fun ideas you have xx