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16 Feb, 2012

Following on from my last blog, we had our little kids valentines party today and it was lovely, if a little disorganised prior to everyone arriving…I did little else today other than run around trying to find heart shaped cutters, which resulted in me falling in love with Sainsbury’s yet again – it had the cutters I wanted AND the brand new UK edition of Women’s Health Magazine. I was wondering where the US version had gone and been pining for it. The other good news I had today is that the job I thought I would get, I did get…now I just have to find my degree certificate. I sincerely hope my parents have it!

Then I came home to make Rice Krispie Hearts. (And, p.s. they are not as easy to make as they say! Melted marshmallow is literally terrifying. Fortunately water is the marshmallow’s archenemy so I managed to avoid getting entirely covered.) Amazingly I managed to get everything ready in time, including heart-shaped salami slices for the pizza (that was a less than glamorous task) and sandwiches.

Their secret admirers had left them all a chocolate rose each for when they arrived…


Then we set to work making our own cards.

I got 2 precious cards from my admirers! – I love the hee hee hees at the end of Milly’s. And, Olivia drew a lovely picture of the two of us, awwwww!

We worked on decorating our cakes. Aunty Stephanie worked really hard on hers!

And, finally, it’s time for our romantic candle-lit dinner, complete with love potion (an outfit change and party bags, of course!).

My teeth are completely covered in sugar now, but it was worth it!