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28 Jan, 2013

I wasn’t going to get Reuben anything for Christmas because he didn’t really need anything and  I figured he’d get lots of presents from our parents and grandparents. However, Gabriella, being of the age to still believe in Father Christmas*, was very excited to see what Reuben would get in his first stocking. Oh, right…Thankfully Santa’s elves (aka the lovely people at Nuby) stepped in and sent a veritable sack load of teething toys for Reuben to try out just in time for Christmas! So I sneakily wrapped them up for Gabby to open for Reuben on Christmas day.

Quite a few of the teething toys are on offer at the moment so I thought it would be a good time to do a review of what we have been given to try.

Teething Toys

teething toys

teething toys

Twisty Bugz – £2.49 (normally £4.99)

teething toys

Twisty Bugz, despite the use of a ‘z’ instead of an ‘s’, has a special place in my heart because it’s the first toy Reuben ever grabbed. I was spinning the flower, which has the obligatory crisp packet petals, in front of him and he grabbed it. It was the start of us really beginning to enjoy interacting with each other (before that we’d just sort of look at each other and smile or gurgle)!

Anyway, it’s a lovely toy with lots of nobbly bits to suck and chew. It also twists, which is probably why it’s aimed at babies around 6 months, and makes a really satisfying clicking noise as you spin it round. Reuben’s all time favourite toy is his Sophie le Giraffe but I’d say this is a close second.

BugaLoop – £3.99

teething toys

You can’t beat a BugaLoop. It’s simple yet effective. A combination of chewy bits and harder plastic, Reuben sits and studies it, one bead at a time, chewing and sucking as he goes round. This teether, combined with the IcyBite Keys is enough to keep him entertained for a whole meal while we eat our tea at the table.

 IcyBite Keys – £2.57 (normally £3.99)

teething toys

IcyBite Keys is designed to go in the fridge and because of the funny gel stuff they use it stays colder for longer. The cold keys relieve the symptoms of teething. I hadn’t realised this until the other day – up until then he’d just enjoyed chewing it. We’ve had a go putting it in the fridge to see what he’d think of that…

I believe nonplussed is the word. Having said that, he was tired and not teething this morning!

Floppy Turtle – £5.99

teething toys

Reuben isn’t overly enamoured with this teether… However, I am. It brings me such a lot of pleasure, particularly the corduroy shell and soft orange underbelly! Ahhh.

He does like it, and he’s growing more and more fond of it by the day, he’s just not as keen as me – I like to dangle it over his head and twist it from side to side – the feet make such a lovely noise when they bash together (like bamboo knocking together in a bamboo forest… perhaps I’m getting a little romantic here? – it’s a teething toy after all…). He also likes to stick the entire foot in his mouth and nibble on the ribbon tags on its head.

Flip n Fun – £5 (normally £5.99)

teething toys

Or flippin’ fun, as I like to call it. This is a book teething toy (chewy and educational!), with pages and a simple story, in the shape of a horse. The horse’s face also squeaks. Reuben doesn’t think it’s flippin’ fun though. He doesn’t mind sucking on the mane and chewing the hooves for a while but it does get discarded quite quickly. The ‘pages’ are wasted on him at the moment but I think in a few months as his dexterity improves he’ll get a lot more out of this toy.

* Gabby did ask this year if Father Christmas was real…I responded with “who would deliver the presents if there was no Father Christmas?” “The elves?” she responded. I’m not worried about the death of Santa yet then!!