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6 music festival


23 Feb, 2015

This weekend has been all about 6 music festival, from Mike staying up all night for the Festival Hack Day (while I listened to the festival on the radio) to going to the festival last night. It’s been so awesome listening to my favourite DJs discussing my local haunts and people (musicians) who I see knocking around town from time to time. It’s fair to say that the region has well and truly stood up to this level of attention. Fascinating things to see around every corner and plenty of musical talent to boot.

The Sage - set up for the 6 music festival on Tyneside

The Sage, venue for the 6 music festival on Sunday night

I don’t think I have ever said on Mums’ Days what my husband does but basically, with his business partner (and a team of very talented individuals) he runs a multi-award winning digital agency called Orange Bus. This is why he and a team of the guys he works with were invited to join the 6 music festival hack. They had 24 hours to create something, an app or something techy (I know all the technical terms), that could be used to enhance the life of a festival goer. Mike’s team worked their butts off and created an incredible location-based app and managed to bag the top prize. (more…)