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Juice Festival 2013


Getting kids to be creative over October Half Term!

17 Oct, 2013

Before Reuben came along I had an event management company so I knew about the Juice Festival and would have loved to be involved, or even go, but it was for kids and I was, for the most part, kidless… so this year I am mega excited to get to go as a fully fledged parent with a toddler desperate for entertainment!

Juice Festival, to give you a bit of background, is a celebration of children and young people’s creativity. This year there are 35 different projects all offering a wide range of ways for our kiddies (and us!) to get involved in the arts. For me, the Juice Festival kind of sums up what the North East became famous for (before this government came along with their big boots and tried to stomp on it, that is, by getting rid of One North East and so many of the funding streams that was giving the ‘grim North’ its light), the arts! I can feel my younger self bubbling up inside me – Where is the joy in life without the arts?!

Don’t get me wrong, somehow through the amazing ingenuity of people in the arts up north (such as NGI), there is still a lot going on. Some wonderful venues to visit FOR FREE, like the Great North Museum, where Reuben and I just popped along to last week. And, venues and general arty people are putting a lot of thought into putting on great events for children to get them engaged in the arts… and history and science and, and, and. But Juice takes this to a whole new level as it jam packs a whole week with loads a stuff to do! It’s like they knew half term was coming up or something!

Juice Festival 2013

Reuben in the Mouse House at the Great North Museum – it’s the thinking mam’s soft play with museum-y bits and all gratis (and clean)! – that’s a blow fish and an owl above the ‘space rocket’