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08 Jul, 2012

And, here, you luck things, is the second instalment of our weekend of neutral newborn baby clothes, brought to you by our guest blogger and stylish mama, Tori from Sanford-Hughes.

This time we look to all things stripy. Although you’re not meant to (just like with your kids), secretly this is my favourite. For anyone who knows me, I LOVE nautical things (I did name my company Sailor Girl, afterall). This is my idea of heaven.

Thank you again, Tori, for your lovely ideas. I highly recommend that you all follow Tori on Twitter @sanfordhughes and definitely read her blog (http://sanfordhughes.wordpress.com/) for more lovely ideas and probably a whole bunch of really cute baby photos very soon.

  1. Nautical body, on sale
  2. Nursery Alphabet Artwork
  3. Anchor bodie babe, on sale
  4. Red striped body suit, on sale
  5. Wale body, on sale
  6. Baby sailor striped hooded coat
  7. Red striped shoes 
  8. Modern whale chevron cushion
  9. Striped Rompa
  10. Sleeveless baby coverall
07 Jul, 2012

Firstly, welcome to my newly designed site! Poor Mike has been working hard on this while he’s been away, not to mention all the hunting he did beforehand to help me find a design I would like. So thank you baby!

Secondly, have I got a treat for you this weekend to welcome in the new site in style. Literally…

I’ve not really mentioned baby stuff so far and this is for one very good reason…I haven’t got ANYTHING for this poor little baby yet. I’m partly blaming the fact that the house is upside down. I can’t exactly go crazy buying things when every single thing needs to come out of the house the week after next so we can have new carpets and the floors varnished!

The other reason I’m struggling to buy anything is also because I don’t know what we’re having – it’s a surprise. “How lovely”. Yes…but it certainly makes it harder to find newborn baby clothes now that aren’t white.

A few weeks ago I got chatting to Tori on Twitter after reading her blog, a gorgeous place full of inspiration to make your life a little happier and more importantly stylish. She is my new guru. Tori is a few weeks ahead of me in her pregnancy adventure and what with her being dead stylish and all, I thought I’d cheekily ask her if she’d be willing to do a guest blog on neutral newborn baby clothes to help get me started. Crazily she said yes!

I am very excited to be bringing you not one but two amazing style boards specifically for the mystery baby in your life.

So we don’t too over excited and go into early labour, I’m going to post one today and one tomorrow. Be prepared to go “ooooh” and “awwwww”! Happily many of the items are on sale NOW, so get in there. Also, the room design, chosen below, is actually very similar to the design we’ve chosen for the nursery, except we will hopefully have horizontal stripes on the wall rather than the ceiling. So a merry coincidence that makes me love this board all the more.

Thank you so much, Tori (especially with your patience over the time it took us to get the new site ready!). Now I’m off to find my credit card! xx

For more inspiration you can follow Tori on Twitter @sanfordhughes
And, definitely read her blog! http://sanfordhughes.wordpress.com/