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07 Jun, 2013

Baby essentials - Pin it to Win it with Nuby

Competition time! Do you fancy winning £50 worth Nuby goodies? Well, get pinning then! I’ve teamed up with Nuby UK to do this competition and, rather than do the usual ‘like me on facebook’ type of comp, I thought we could try a Pin it to Win it competition as basically I’m really nosey!

I’m always really interested to know what you consider to be your 10 baby essentials – it seems everyone I’ve asked has 10 completely different things that are their baby essentials because, as the health visitor always says… ‘every baby is different!’

Before I had Reuben I had NO IDEA what my baby essentials were! Apart from nappies (which Mike’s mum bought), baby grows (which my mum bought), a cot and blankets (which someone gave us), the obvious (probably also given to us)…I wasn’t in the slightest bit prepared or ready for what was coming. I can imagine you were a lot more prepared! Most people I know were.

However, with the beauty of hindsight, I have put together a pinterest board of my 10 baby essentials:

baby essentials - pin it to win it with nuby

  1. Sleep – people say ‘sleep is for the weak’. It’s not. If you don’t sleep everyone knows about it and everyone suffers. The biggest and most important thing I learnt during the first few weeks was to make sure I got at least 3 hours to myself to sleep a day. Sleep when baby sleeps didn’t work for us because Reuben couldn’t be trusted to actually sleep. I’d be on tenterhooks worry that he would wake any second, which he did, and not get any rest myself.
  2. A steriliser – Thankfully, Nuby made me one of their Nuby Bloggers and sent me the things I would need to get us started: breast pump, bottles, etc. but the one thing we really, really needed was the steriliser! I didn’t know that Reuben wouldn’t take to breastfeeding and I’d be using nipple shields for the first 3 months. That requires A LOT of sterilising and I’ve used it everyday since!
  3. Breastfeeding in public – going out in those early weeks and months is HARD but also essential to avoid depression and isolation so learning to face my fears (aka breastfeeding in public) was a big baby essential!
  4. Juicing – I thought weight loss would be my biggest worry after giving birth and I’d be back to ‘normal’ within a few weeks (!)…it hasn’t been my biggest worry at all but it also hasn’t been far from my mind. Juicing has helped though and in many more ways than just shedding the baby weight!
  5. Dry shampoo – Handbag essential for when you have to go out and you haven’t washed your hair. Again.
  6. Chewing gum – Handbag essential for when you have to go out and you forgot to brush your teeth. Again.
  7. Sky + – I hate to say it but in those early weeks I watched a lot of telly. Sky+ was essential so I didn’t have to sit and watch Loose Women or Homes Under the Hammer (well, not all the time)
  8. Baby toys! – Nuby have sent me some really lovely toys and teethers. It’s been so nice to watch Reuben to learn with them and play and develop. If you could design some sort of dustbin or a dog bowl too that looks really dirty and good enough to lick but is actually clean, that would be wonderful!
  9. Cute baby clothes – they bring me a lot of joy
  10. Remember…Everything is going to be super duper. It’s easy to get lost in the moment good and bad. But when baby isn’t sleeping, or whatever else, remember it’s just a phase and everything is going to be super duper in the end!

 So, there are mine… I’d love it if you would take part in this Pin it to win it competition and share yours too!