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Toddler Recipes


Don't play with your food...actually do!

28 Nov, 2013

Just a quicky tonight but back in October I was looking for good toddler recipes to try on Reuben. The Ella’s Kitchen toddler recipes book was recommended by Sarah? Claire? I forget and can’t find the post but basically what happen then was I came across some research by Ella’s Kitchen (with Reading Uni). This was a different type of toddler recipe from what I was expecting…the crux of the research was if kids play with vegetables (not so much fruit) in between meals, they are more likely to actually eat said veg at meal times!

If you take part in the Mum’s Days facebook wall, I’m always lamenting Reuben’s lack of interest in veggies – he’ll eat things in a tomato sauce with pasta, when he’s in the mood and occasionally has a go at a carrot when we’re having a meat and 2 veg type of meal but otherwise, no thanks. So, this sounded like a good idea!

Ella’s Kitchen have a set of activity sheets to try, which we are going to have a go at but in the mean time, yesterday I just gave him some leftovers from our tea – beans and cauliflower (in hind sight, the cauliflower was a silly idea on our wooden floors!) with some little pots with lids – he played for a bit and did put a green bean in his mouth before making a face but it is definitely a positive start!!!!

toddler recipes

And then he did some walking for me – he’s not keen on doing on demand and flatly refused to walk for Grandma and Grandad tonight , but look at his little face!