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15 May, 2014

Quite a few people have been asking me to ask the Mums’ Days Facebook wall for ideas for what to get their little ones for their 1st Birthday! There have been some wonderful suggestions, so to help you interpret your little one’s 1st birthday wishes, I thought I’d put this post together compiling all the ideas.

For us, we didn’t actually buy Reuben anything specific as we were generally spending a lot just getting him what he needed! But our family all bought him presents and this list would have come in handy as suggestions for them…

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Birthday Wishes – What to get your 1 year old

1. A year’s Membership to… a local aquarium, zoo, national trust, children’s activity centre or museum (such as 7 Stories in Newcastle) , etc. Investigate what is near to you as this is something you will enjoy going to together all year round! This also saves space in your house for all the other toys and presents your little one will get!

2. A trike/ride on – Suggestions included a Smart TrikeZebra Scooter or this super cute ride on Vespa! – These kind of ride ons often ‘grow’ with your child as they develop. Reuben got a trike for his birthday and loves going to the park or beach on it!

3. Keepsakepersonalised cutlery seta charm bracelet that you can add to each year, or a piece of art, wristwatch or coin set that will grow in value. We went to Edinburgh Zoo on Reuben’s 1st Birthday so I bought him a large lizard toy from the shop. It won’t grow in value but it’s a nice memento from the day!

4. Outdoor play equipment – even the smallest of gardens could squeeze a sandpit in it! But other suggestions would be swings, slide, paddling pool, trampoline, bubble machine, etc!

5. Wooden toys – jigsaws (such as Melissa & Doug Wooden Bear Family Dress-Up Puzzle) or this Glutting Giraffe are all lovely things to have and last for years to come (grandkids anyone?!).

6. Books – something like a Julia Donaldson Books Set will be enjoyed for years!

7. Classes – for example, swimming lessons (we go to Nemo Swimming) or get them on the waiting list for Little Kickers, they can start playing football from 18 months (I can’t imagine anything cuter!)

8. Toys – Toys that Reuben has absolutely loved this year have been basically anything with wheels – this fire engine and this bus have been VERY popular! One of my best mates has a little girl a week younger than Reuben and, although it sounds really stereotypical, she has absolutely LOVED her babies. She spends all day wrapping them up in blankets or pushing them around in a pram. Oh, Reuben also loves pushing prams around – the baby gets thrown out though!

I hope this has helped! Have you got any birthday wishes suggestions that I could add to the list?

Final note: Birthdays are expensive but there are bargains to be had! My parents got Reuben a Wheelybug Ladybird Ride-on for £17 from a local second-hand shop. They’re normally £40 plus so it’s worth looking around for pre-loved toys and books!