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12 Feb, 2013

They say that a newborn baby becomes a baby around 3 months old so following on from the Newborn Months, here’s what we got up to once Reuben turned that happy 3 month corner!

Baby Reuben – 3 to 6 months old


  1. With the new freedom Reuben has given me I have done a lot of thinking about exercise after pregnancy and losing weight after pregnancy – I haven’t however been doing much talking about it, there is more to come starting tomorrow!
  2. Reuben went from accepting a bottle to refusing it, which made me panic. So we started to combination feed as I needed to know that when I needed a rest he would be happy without me and able to feed from a bottle (image courtesy of Nuby UK.
  3. I then did A LOT of talking about when do babies sleep through the night…?! I looked at the tips and then went with acceptance and then discussed self-settling…in the end it seems a combination of his own room, combination feeding, weaning and generally being a bit bigger has resulted in sleeping through!
  4. With the anniversary of finding out I was pregnant, I was feeling a bit lost and went quiet for a few weeks – I ended the silence on New Years Eve as I contemplated my new identity as a mum. Mum’s Days turned 1, which made me finally come up with some New Year’s Resolutions…one of which was to READ which resulted in one of my favourite posts thus far!…Free Games for kids
  5. Reuben tried lots of new things in this day of firsts
  6. We fell out of love with tummy time (I got loads of good advice about this that I still need to write into a post)
  7. We fell in love with Nuby teething toys
  8. And I am back to how I was feeling 6 months ago – Neurotic. This time about cot death. Thankfully there is a lot of advice about how to prevent it and it is rare. The fact I am neurotic again suggests that I might be back to my old self too. (This image is from the FSID guide to preventing cot death)
  9. Finally, I’ve been thinking about breastfeeding in public – 6 months on, and a whole bunch of embarrassing moments later, I had forgotten how daunting it all was!

I’ll leave you with the papaya song – a song I made up for Reuben this morning when he tried papaya for the first time…

18 Sep, 2012

My step-daughter, Gabriella, lives up in Alnwick, a gorgeous little town on the Northumberland coast about 30 miles north of Newcastle. For one of our final family trips out in the babymobile and one of our final trips of the summer holidays, we decided we’d go and visit Alnwick Gardens. They are the gorgeous and huge gardens attached to Alnwick Castle (of Harry Potter fame).

Mike, Gabby, Reuben and I were joined by my parents and little brother, Isaac (who’s 12), and somehow we managed to pick an absolutely glorious day…very fortunate as the kids already had their sights on getting wet in the fantastic water features. Here’s our visit in pictures!

The grand entrance to Alnwick Gardens (you can see Isaac and Gabby are literally itching to get in that water!)

A quiet moment while Reuben slept (didn’t last long…)

We were commandeered by a man wielding a Ukelele and instructed to take part in the treasure hunt – here they are hunting for clues moments before Reuben decided he needed to take part.

Reuben’s awake so here I am breastfeeding in public! 

Reuben at 3 weeks old, mid-public feed, chilling out in the garden

While I was feeding Reuben everyone else went up to the Walled Gardens for a poke around …

…and then do some illicit raspberry picking

And finally, it was soooo hot, the kids just had to get in the water for a cool down!

So there you have it, a lovely day out to Alnwick Gardens with all the family! I must say I’m already missing the babymobile because it used to fit our ridiculously large buggy in the boot. Now I have to resort to keeping the wheels in the back seat!

The Hyundai i30 (aka Babymobile) – even our massive buggy couldn’t beat it for boot space.