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Winter wardrobe


Gearing up for winter

12 Nov, 2013

Yes winter is nearly upon us and the thought of a winter wardrobe is giving me chills!…is anyone else missing summer? I don’t know if it’s because we had a particularly good one this year (it’s hard to miss summer when it rained until September), or because we should have been having winter sun last week in Tenerife, but after reading Vonnie’s post today about her favourite season, summer, I’m missing it terribly!

The best bits of our summer coincided with having Jack the dog staying – sadly my parents’ house flooded in the last of the spring rains only to be followed by months of glorious weather – Reuben and Jack became the best of friends – and “Dog” and “Jack” became his first words. I would often find Reubs, to my dismay, sitting under Jack. Needless to say where Jack’s bits were. Yuk.

Winter wardrobe

We enjoyed crisp and early mornings out walking with Jack, just as the sun was starting warm everything up.

Summer 2013

Is there anything better then swinging on a swing in your pyjamas at 7am?!

And then lazy afternoons in our tiny, very shitty yard, which was perfectly adequate for what we had in mind…bit of crawling, bit of throwing, bit of climbing.

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

Summer 2013

And a bit of relaxing!

So yes, it’s safe to say that summer is my favourite season!

But Autumn and now Winter aren’t without their merits too, not least in the winter wardrobe department. Hands up if you love layering!

I don’t actually know what layering means. I assume it’s to do with wearing a tshirt with a jumper on top and, therefore, refers to being warm? So, yes, I like to warm.

As a rule I am terrified of clothes and clothes shopping. I rarely do it but when I do, I buy quite a bit at once to get it out the way. Unfortunately the things I tend to buy to “get it out the way” are mainly hideous or ill fitting, so after a few wears I push them to the back of the wardrobe. I then keep them as part of my winter wardrobe, “just in case”, despite the fact that somewhere in my mind they have already been rejected. The end result is a lot of clothes and nothing to wear. Can you relate?

I was very interested, therefore, when I read, via Katelyn Brooke’s Blog, about the minimal winter wardrobe or capsule winter wardrobe. I’m assuming that this is the same tree that Gok has been barking up, however, I just find this approach a lot more up my street…

Be up and Doing wrote at the end of October how she simplified her wardrobe by following this simply approach…

  1. Personal Style – what do you like/not like to wear?
  2. Lifestyle – What do you do all day? I like to wear little dresses and heels but it’s not ideal when I’m going to running around after the midget…
  3. Inspiration – What/who looks good to you?
  4. Build your wardrobe – what do you have that fits into points 1, 2 and 3 above? They stay.
  5. Detox your wardrobe – everything else goes! Ebay, charity, whatever. All those things that you know deep down you’ve rejected and will never look good even if you do lose that weight…gone.
  6. Fill in the holes – this may take longer to do until your happy with the end result but it’s worth taking time to make sure each piece fits in and can be interchanged with all the other pieces.

Imagine, wanting to wear everything in your winter wardrobe? That’s a new one on me.

With this in mind, and with the changing seasons, I’ve started to think about my wardrobe (in fact all our wardrobes. Not least because despite having loads of clothes in all our drawers, I still have 2 full washing baskets to tackle!!) Summer is over, it’s time to detox and I plan to use this approach to create my very first Winter Wardrobe…More to come on that!

But in the mean time, I knew I needed some jumpers that I liked. Not ones that I used to wear when I was pregnant, not ones that I used to wear before I was pregnant (and therefore a bit snug for my permanently-bending-over-to-pick-up-a-baby lifestyle), but well fitting, comfy ones. I did buy a jumper from Warehouse at the weekend though. I would never in a million years have even tried it on but Mike insisted stating that was my problem. One of many, Mike! But I do, I love it!

Summer 2013

 The beginnings of a capsule winter wardrobe.

The full on, mega in detail, minimimalist approach is by In to Mind. I’m going to go all out and follow her 10 steps wardrobe revamp over the coming weeks.