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It’s been a week of celebrations as I finished the 6 week body transformation on Monday…but what preceded the final weigh in was a bit of a tough weekend of not eating a lot! Thankfully I had castles and cuddles to keep me occupied!

On Friday we saw Emily and Beau for a castle trip to Aydon Castle, which is the closet castle to our new house and finally open! And what a castle. It is epic, so I’m looking forward to writing that up when I get chance (I’ve still got 2 other visits to write up first!).

Aydon Castle - celebrations and The List 32

On Saturday we all went for a family walk with Mike’s sister and her family in Ovingham. It was so gorgeous and there was literally acres of wild garlic, so I picked loads in preparation for Monday night’s celebratory meal.

Ovingham - celebrations and The List 32

On Sunday I had a very lazy day as I was tired and cold, and spent a significant amount of time lying on the sofa trying to get Reuben to cuddle me – but then it made sense to really enjoy the snug now it’s all finished!!

The Snug Bookshelf - celebrations and The List 32

The Snug cuddles - celebrations and The List 32

Then finally it was Monday!! Weigh in day! You can read all about my final weight loss after completing the 6 weeks body transformation, and watch a video that Reuben and I made on Monday morning. But basically I pretty much hit my 20lb target, so I was really chuffed and celebrated over a huge breakfast (defeating the object but you’ve got to celebrate!) with my new mates who also smashed their 20lbs. My first capacino in 6 weeks was divine!

First Cappuccino - celebrations and The List 32

Then the celebrations just sort of continued. On Tuesday I went out for a belated Birthday meal with my lovely chums Emily (fellow castle hunter) and Cath, and on Wednesday it was the group night out for everyone who had just done the 6 weeks, queue more eating and celebrations! Still it was to be expected and I’ll be back on the straight and narrow next week.

On Thursday Reuben and I invited ourselves to dinner at Emily’s, who runs Piccolo Bambino. I’m so glad we did as the sun was absolutely glorious in her huge back garden. I just love this action shot of the boys blowing bubbles. Bring on the summer time!

Blowing bubbles - celebrations and The List 32


With Reuben back at school this week I’ve actually managed to write 3 whole blog posts this week! Honestly, how did I blog daily last year? I just don’t know. The big issue of the week for us has been sleep so yesterday’s post “How to sleep to the Max” was very much inspired by Reuben’s desire to be awake all the time.

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Woooo! We had 133 link ups last week – that’s a new record. And I had so many lovely comments on my list post. Also we’ve had lots of newbies tweeting saying how lovely the community is as everyone has been commenting. So let’s keep it up – we’re officially a lovely linky and Aby, my cohost from You Baby Me Mummy, and I continue to love hosting it!

Here are my featured bloggers from last week:

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Budding Smiles – The Circus of Parenthood This post is so true and I think I have the most affinity with the Bearded Lady and the Human Cannonball – you’ll see what I mean!

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On to this week and I am linking Final Wight Loss and How to Sleep to the Max, and Aby is linking 5 Things: To Create a Happy Day and How to Grow Your Blog. What will you link up?!

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