Yesterday I was able to tell the world, AND my kids, that I’m pregnant! It was the children and pregnancy bit that I was a little concerned about.

I didn’t want to just blurt it out like I did with my parents but equally I didn’t want to pin my hopes on it being this magical moment and build it up too much.

So, after sharing the announcement post, I looked to you lovely lot for advice on how to share the news.

Children and Pregnancy

Children and Pregnancy

Here are a few words of wisdom that were shared:

“I didn’t tell my daughter until I was about 5 months as I had a small bump and I knew she’d be asking how many sleeps til the baby gets here EVERY DAY?!? We sat her down and told her about having a sibling and asked her if she had any Qs. She replied “Can I put the tv back on now?!”  ‍She started asking Qs the next day and was more worried about the gender; she then wished and hoped for a sister … she obviously got a brother.

“When he arrived, she wanted to call him Rocky (I’m blaming Paw Patrol ) and wasn’t happy with our name choice. She uses Rocky as his middle name instead?!” From Jolene

“Wahoo good luck today! Not having huge expectations for it being movie magical (or movie dramatic!) on your part…so like motherhood generally! And using short words with little extra for the first mention are my tips. My daughter didn’t ask lots of questions but it became clear she has them so I ended up talking about things I thought she might be worried about and then she freed up to ask other questions. Books too… they are your friend! We went with a pretty direct and honest approach (with words like vagina rather than stork or belly button or general vagueness) and books helped me get over my nerves about what to say and stopped me from using euphemisms when I panicked!” From Alison

“I made Thomas REALLY involved and made it all about him, helping me and being a brother..  it made it go down in a good way!” From Susan

I showed mine the scan pic but they had no clue what it was!!!” From Ania

What We did

Gabby gets home at 6:30 on a Tuesday. I gathered Reuben in the kitchen so he was there when she got back. He kept wanting to go do something else but I said he had to stay as I had some news to tell him and Gabby.

As soon as she was back, I went for the scan approach that Ania mentioned. I showed them the picture and said to Gabby that I knew she’d know what it was and asked Reuben if he knew.

“A cat?” He asked.

Gabby had a big grin on her face and she said “Are you pregnant?”

When we confirmed this was the case the case they both laughed. In fact Reuben was borderline hysterical!

I pointed out where the head and body and legs were and said he was going to be a big brother, which he seemed pleased with. He’s decided it’s a boy because it has “lots of hair”…I can’t see any but never mind. Hehee.

Gabby gave me and Mike a big hug and said she couldn’t believe it, she thought we were never going to have another because it had been so long.

You and me both kid!

They then went on to suggest names and Reuben said we should call it Cat (there’s a theme here) and Gabby’s going to start a list of the approved.

I also asked if they would be able to help me with more things because I’ll be getting bigger and bigger and it’s tiring growing a baby. They both decided I’d need help picking things up! Haha! I already do.

They were also concerned about which room the baby would have because it’ll be noisy and they aren’t willing to share.

I asked if they had any other questions but they didn’t as of yet.

And that was sort of it!

They went back to what they were doing. Short but definitely sweet. Not movie magical but a lovely reaction all the same.

Later on Reuben sat with Mike showing him things on the scan and then patting my tummy, which is more plump than bump at this stage, and asked if he could take the scan into school for show and tell. He also kissed the scan! *Heart melts*

Children and pregnancy

So, no mention of how the baby got there or how it’ll get out. Yet. But I will get prepared, thanks Alison! And Rocky is definitely on “the List” for a boy… 🙂

Do you have any tales to tell or tips to share from when you told the news of your pregnancy to your children?

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