So far during my pregnancy, I’ve not had any illnesses. Even after both Mike and Gabriella were poorly for over a week with various flu/chest infections, I still managed to sail on through, like a nurse from the second-world war, unharmed. Thankfully. I put it down to no longer drinking (and therefore battering my poor immune system, which is stripped every time you drink too much) and generally trying to eat more healthily.

Well, I’ve now woken up with a sore throat and I certainly can’t put it down to stress, because I can’t say I’m under any! To keep the impending cold at bay, I’ve been trying to find as many natural, safe cold remedies during pregnancy as possible that will soothe the soreness and fill me with a bug fighting army. Someone told me it could be hay fever but either way it annoying so here’s a few fixes to try for size…

Ginger, Lemon and Honey tea

At one point I thought I was getting a sore throat so I asked my midwife about Lemsips (because I love them) and she said I could have them but it was far better not to and I should have hot lemon and honey instead.

This remedy is mainly to stop the hurting. Lemon neutralises harmful bacteria (that are lodged in my throat!), honey is antibacterial and soothes the throat (1 – see resources below) and ginger “encourages sweating to eliminate toxins and dispel catarrh” (2 – see resources below). All excellent illness fighters.

To make this I had some Ginger and Lemon tea bags left over from my 2 weeks of morning sickness so I poured hot water over the teabag and left it with 3 thin slices of fresh ginger to stew for 5 minutes, then added 1/2 teaspoon of the world’s most expensive honey (Manuka, it’s meant to be good for you but at £8-£15 a pop it seems a bit extravagant! Here’s a link to twin pack so you’ll at least save a couple of bob: QueenBee Manuka Honey Active 12+ 340g TWIN PACK) and also a squeeze of fresh lemon. NOTE: this is just as good without the teabag if you don’t have them.

Delicious AND soothing! But make sure you keep stirring otherwise you’ll get a rather unpleasant honey glob at the bottom of your mug.

Ginger and Lime Juice

I didn’t have any lemon in the house when I was looking for my remedies, but this is a nice alternative and lime has many healing qualities of it’s own that are pretty similar to the lemon’s.

For this juice I juiced 2 apples, half a lime (peeled), an inch of raw ginger, a handful of spinach, half a pineapple (because I had one to use up but you can leave this out if you want but add an extra apple), and quarter of a cucumber. Juice and poor over ice.

The apple, spinach and pineapple add extra Vitamin C to this juice, while the cucumber is generally refreshing and cleansing. I feel better just looking at it!

The Juice Masters’ “cold war” Juice (1 – see resources below)

I made this a few times for Mike when he had the flu recently, so drank quite a bit myself (maybe that’s what kept the illness at bay?). It’s packed with Vitamin C, folic acid (so good if you’re in your FIRST TRIMESTER), antibacterial thanks to the honey, and lots of other good things.

Juice quarter of a pineapple, 1 orange, 1 inch lemon, and mix in a blender with 1 tsp of Manuka Active Honey and 4 ice cubes.

Yum – it’s lovely and not green for a change!

Water and herbal teas

I’ve run out of ingredients in my house to make anything else so I’m going to try and flush out whatever this thing is with loads of water and the herbal teas that will generally help to soothe my throat with their warming goodness. I’ve got peppermint (an antiseptic and according to the juice master is a great tea to soothe colds and flus) and camomile.


1. Jason Vale, Keeping it Simple, 2007

2. Jason Vale, Turbo-charge your life in 14 days, 2005