I’m going to share a story that I’m not particularly proud of: a time when I almost stopped a fabulous display of creative thinking. In last week’s blog post on Child Development Stages, I explored how much we should interfere with the natural ability of a child to learn and develop their own creative thinking. This made me think of a project that my step-daughter, Gabriella, dreamt up and saw through entirely on her own. This is what happened.

Creative Thinking in Kids

A few months ago, Gabriella came to me with a shoebox in her hand. “Hannah, can you help me cut this shoebox in half?”

“Not right now I’m making breakfast”

After breakfast…”Hannah, can you help me cut this shoebox in half?”

“Why do you want to cut it in half?” I said

“Because I want to make a house for my mouse, with different rooms”

“Why don’t you stick a piece of card down the middle to make different rooms?”

“Nooooo, I don’t want to do that, can you help me cut it in half?!”

“Look,” I said, “here’s some scissors, see if you can do it on your own.” And I left her to it.

Half an hour later she had created a 2 story house with a roof garden. It was a master piece and I felt very silly and mean. I was also in awe of her creative thinking – I have a degree in Civil Engineering and I would never have come up with that!

The mouse isn’t in at the moment but I’ve taken a few pictures to share with you – think Through the Keyhole.

creative thinking in kids

creative thinking in kids

“My house” – I couldn’t work out what it said underneath but I was very impressed that she’d spelt house right!

 creative thinking in kids

Ground floor: The sitting room

creative thinking in kids

First floor: The bedroom

creative thinking in kids

The Roof Garden

Isn’t that great? And, needless to say, Mouse loves it.

In my defence, we only have Gabriella at weekends and our weekends tend to be a blur of tennis and swimming lessons, and dotting about to see family members. But seriously, making things is something Gabby really enjoys and so it should be nurtured. I have learnt a valuable lesson about supporting her when she needs it and allowing her to get on.

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