I was invited by Newcastle Building Society to take part in their #CustomiseYourLife Challenge and as part of this I have been given a #CustomiseYourLife Hamper full of fabulous DIY goodies to give away!

#CustomiseYourLife - win a hamper to customise your life with!

Newcastle Building Society are currently celebrating the launch of their CustomISA. The CustomISA enables you to customise your saving by allowing you to spread your tax-free savings across as many Newcastle ISAs as you like each year. It’s designed for savers who would usually have to decide between sacrificing rates on their ISA for access or sacrificing access to their own money for a better rate. Perfect for anyone who might have savings they need to get to, for example, if they’re in the middle of a move (which we are)!

My Approach to Saving

When I was growing up I worked for the milkman. I also walked dogs, cleaned people’s house, worked in a shop, baby-sat and Granny sat. I washed cars, did extra chores at home and pretty much always had money coming in. My approach to saving was non-existent. The minute I got paid the money would burn a hole in my pocket. There was nothing ‘big’ that I wanted, the future was here and now. So I’d buy a new album or some clothes each weekend and when I had spent up I’d go back to my many jobs and start earning again.

Fast forward to now and my approach to saving is pretty similar. Thankfully I have a husband who is far more sensible and together we are looking to the future, including child ISAs for the kids and some of our own savings. However, we recently moved house and anyone who has been through it knows, moving house is expensive! Even once you are in the house, there will always be little renovations or new furniture to fork out on as you make your new house your home. With that in mind, the idea of flexible savings like this is kind of perfect.

#CustomiseYourLife Competition

I was invited to customise a piece of furniture to make it personal to me, in much the same way as you can with the CustomISA – see what they did there?! You can see my #CustomiseYourLife Project for the Snug here!

AND, you have a chance to also win your very own ‘Customise Your Life’ upcycling hamper pack too. Simply fill in this Rafflecopter!

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Good luck! And, for more information on the Newcastle Building Society CustomISA you can tweet @nbscommunity or connect with them on Facebook.