daily blogging - 14 reasons to embrace your passion everyday

My New Year’s Resolution was to blog daily. Last Saturday, however, I sat staring at my computer at a complete loss as to what to write. I wasn’t in the mood. But I wrote a post and at least 1 person thanked me for it, so in my eyes that was a success! I said in the post that I was fresh out of ideas and it’s difficult to write everyday, which prompted Luci from Wife, Mother and Me to ask this question…

“Why are you blogging every day? Have you set yourself a challenge? … The way I look at it when I’m stuck for anything to say is… don’t say anything, the internet don’t need no more content, it ain’t gonna to miss me (read that in an Eastender accent). Loving what you do, when you do blog and thanks for linking to #AllAboutYou”

I totally agree, and I have to be careful that my blogging is useful and not just for the sake of it! In fact, I wasn’t sure of the answer which is why I have written this post… Now I do believe that even the not-so-good posts have a place and they are taking me one step closer to my goal.

 14 Reasons to blog daily

10,000 hours

The reason I am blogging every day is I want to be a blogger, a writer. And, I want to be good at it. In Malcolm Gladwell’s book, Outliers: The Story of Success, he states that the best concert pianist, writer, artist, football players all have something in common and it’s not an innate ability or ‘gift’. They all have spent 10,000 hours doing the thing that they are good at. Even Mozart, who is famous for being a child genius, was actually 20 by the time his compositions were considered a masterpiece. That was after 10,000 hours worth of composing. It’s going to take me quite some time to get really good, so I may as well chip away every day!


People like Stephen King and other prolific and successful writers write every day. Come rain or shine, in sickness and in health. They embrace frequency (and Stephen King also goes one step further by doing it in exactly the same way each day – same time, same cup of tea, same music – tricking his brain into work mode). In the book, Manage Your Day-to-Day, there is a fantastic article about doing your ‘thing’, be it baking or blogging, every day for the following reasons:


  • breeds ideas and creativity, preventing writers block
  • stops things becoming a big deal (i.e. it’s less daunting)
  • prevents procrastination
  • makes you more productive
  • makes it easier to get back into something (i.e. you’re not retracing your steps to work out what you were doing)
  • makes it easier to get into work mode
  • prevents perfectionist tendencies (which can stop you achieving anything!)

daily blogging - reasons to write every day

Image from Alex Snowdon (who has loads of beautiful handcrafted prints in her Etsy store – I pinned this image a while ago and love it but it’s only £24 as a print!)


I want blogging/writing to be my career, my income stream, and, therefore, I will require both advertising and sponsored posts. While I want every sponsored post to be relevant and interesting to my readers, this is something I probably wouldn’t have written about unless I was paid. Similarly, I have a series about Giving Birth and Birth Stories where I post a birth story every Sunday and Wednesday. This is hugely popular and while people continue to send me stories, I will continue to post them. However, I don’t want it to be the only reason people come to my site. Therefore, I want there to be a good mix of articles that I have written for the shear pleasure of it to help keep the overarching personality of the blog.

Learning curve

I found when I blogged every day in November that it made me write all those ideas I had floating in my head. They weren’t always formed, so this made me think about it and in turn I finally wrote things I wouldn’t have otherwise. I am finding that I am getting more efficient at turning ideas into blogs and I have them in mind as I’m doing things so I remember to take photos.

I don’t know what’s going to be successful

In a similar vane, I’ve no idea what is going to work. I’ve realised from researching blogging and social media that I don’t seem to use things like other people. For example, I don’t use Pinterest for shopping purposes and yet it has a fantastic conversion rate for retailers. Equally, I can’t predict, at this stage, what will be a popular blog post. Back in November I posted a blog called What to wear, which investigated why I have loads of clothes and nothing to wear. It totally embraced my inner mathematician, complete with pie charts, and it was by far my most popular post in November. I wouldn’t have written this post at all unless I was blogging every day and at a loss as to what to write about that day.

New Material

Sophia sent me this message on Facebook the other day, and I actually cried real tears…

“just a note to say your blog is brilliant and I’m so impressed that you’ve taken the time to do it and commit to it. I often wish I’d written things down to remember as a lot of it feels like a total blur. I’m determined to write my birth story though! George is 9 months now and I still haven’t written it! Thanks for keeping me company during the long night feeds over the last few months too!!!!!! Xx”

What an honour. It’s that last sentence that gets me every time and is reason enough to write something new everyday!


If I want to make money via my blog, I need eyes on it. In January 2014 my traffic increased by 60% compared to December 2013 and unique visitors increased by 50%. Traffic from Facebook has increased by 160%! The only change? I blogged 12 times in December 2012 and 31 times in January 2014, so I guess I had more reasons to direct traffic from Facebook to my blog.


Does this make sense? I feel by thinking it through this is probably therapeutic for me and a post I will be able to look back on to remind myself of why I’m blogging daily when I don’t feel like it!

Do you embrace your passion or ‘the thing you want to get good at’ on a daily basis? What is it and do these reasons resonate with you?

Please do leave your thoughts below!