Reuben has tried lots of new things today…

Last night, after a shocking night’s sleep the night before, we decided to try him in his own room. He did really well! He slept from 7pm until 4:45am, then until 8:45am. It was literally the best night’s sleep I’ve had since he was born. I woke up at about 4:30 and was so surprised I had to go check on him. I then lay awake willing him to wake up because my right boob was so engorged it was on the verge of what felt like explosion. What a little dude! And, he woke up in the best mood.

Hooray! I missed you mum (or was it I missed him? I almost cried when it was my bedtime and he wasn’t at the end of the bed! My little lad… we did celebrate getting our room back by doing something loudly though…)

After that, a football match worked in our favour so we happened to be in the house at lunch time. We decided to try Reuben on his first meal of sweet potato. Weaning terrifies me for some reason, it feels a bit all or nothing so I didn’t want to start until I’d read a book or something. However, my buddy, Emily, came over to borrow a dress for a party (there’s nothing like a friend fitting into your clothes that are too small to inspire a new diet!). Her little boy is 2 weeks older than Reuben and he loves his food. So she’s inspired me to just get on with it. You can’t tell from this video (again my legendary film-making skills are proven) but he loved it! You can tell from the video that not a bit of it came back out… sweet potato’s a hit.

What have you got dad?

Uh-huh, that’s interesting

The magic spoon

Finally, to finish off our day of firsts we took Reuben swimming. I am ashamed that it’s taken this long but for one reason or another it just has. It took him about 10 or 15 minutes to relax into it. I think the noise and scale of water freaked him out a bit but after a while he started to smile. We even tried dunking him (sounds so mean but my friend was telling me how they do it at water babies), which he didn’t mind at all and came up smiling.

This cracks me up – look at the size of his shorts! Thanks for sending them Ania x

The obligatory open mouthed pose

With big sis

All in all a fun day of firsts!