Last night we took 3 excited girls, aged 8 and 9, and our 3-year old son to see Disney on Ice.

Disney on Ice - our night out and a meet and greet with the Frozen stars

I had never been before, so I wasn’t sure what to expect but Mike had taken my step-daughter, Gabby, and his sister’s two girls, Millie and Oliver, a few years ago, when Princesses were the peak of their interest. This year Disney on Ice had broadened their appeal by incorporating Toy Story and Cars into the repertoire. This was great for our mix of kids as the girls have gone from loving Princesses and Frozen last Christmas to not so much now. Funny what 6 months can do when you’re 8 turning 9!

Disney on Ice the 4 stories

We arrived at Newcastle Areana with about 20 minutes to spare giving us time to get popcorn (ouch, that was pricy), find our seats and settle in for the 4 stories. Queue our hosts Mickey and Minnie, plus friends. Reuben was very happy to see them.

Disney on Ice - getting ready for the show to start

1. Toy Story

First up was Toy Story and the auditorium filled with the laughter of 1000s of little people as everyone’s favourite toys arrived on the ice, which was just lovely. Meanwhile, I spent a good few minutes trying to work out how they had created slinky dog. That was a feat of engineering and skater skill not to bump into each other!

Disney on Ice - Toy Story

For the next 35 (maybe even 40) minutes the skaters told a short-ish version of Toy Story 3. Barbie and Ken had a particularly staring roll doing full dance routines for both their meeting and reenacting the wardrobe scene. The skaters were incredible, and I particularly enjoyed Ken’s plastic arms.

The kids loved it, which is, of course, the main thing but Mike and I found it to be about 20 minutes too long.

2. Little Mermaid

Next up was the Little Mermaid, which I was looking forward to most. We had even prepped on the way, listening to the sound track!

Unfortunately Reuben needed a wee in the middle, and because it was only about 10 minutes long, we missed most of it. But when we came back in there were millions of bubbles falling from the sky creating the perfect underwater scene. I loved it!

Disney on Ice - The Little Mermaid

3. Cars

After the break was the shortest of the 4 scenes, Cars. Nicely introduced by Mickey and pals as their car breaks down, the Car crew come to the rescue. And it was pretty impressive. I know how difficult it is to drive on ice and yet these cars had moving eyes, mouths and suspension that raised the front of the cars as they talked, just as they do in the film. Hats off Disney on Ice!

Disney on Ice - Cars and Lightning McQueen

4. Frozen

And finally, what we were all waiting for, the icing on the, er, ice, Frozen.

Lending itself perfectly for this kind of performance, what with it being set in a cold place and a musical, it was definitely worth the wait.

Disney on Ice - Frozen

The set was great, with Pyrotechnics galore. But by far the best bit was, of course, the performance of Let it Go. As the music dimmed for the last line, you could hear all those little voices again, filling the auditorium.

“The cold doesn’t bother me anyway!”

Just magical.

Disney on Ice - Frozen

The Meet and Greet

We were invited to the rink side at the end of the performance to meet with Ana and Elsa. It was more of a photo opportunity than a chance to talk to them but it was still pretty cool (see what I did there?).

Disney on Ice - Meet and Greet with Frozen characters

Final Thoughts

My only grumbles would be it was a really late night for all on a school night (we got home at 10pm), and at the risk of a “you’ll never work in this town again” moment, I felt that the merchandise was beyond ridiculously priced, making a trip to Disney on Ice a huge investment for many families.

Having said that, I thought Disney on Ice was magical. The set and skaters were really remarkable, oh, and Frozen and the Little Mermaid were still the favourites for our big girls!

Disclaimer: We were kindly given our tickets to enable this review. Tickets are priced from around ยฃ24 to ยฃ48, with under 2s free.