6 weeks ago, I had the worse experience of my life when I got my bikini line (and a bit more) done. You may remember me begging ‘just leave the other side!’ I was hoping someone out there might have advice or at least just confirm my suspicions that being extra sensitive during pregnancy was another symptom.

Well, 6 weeks later and I’ve been back to face up to the music. I was rather apprehensive, to say the least, but either I was being a major drama queen 6 weeks ago or, of the early pregnancy symptoms, extra sensitivity was high on my list. The wax was totally fine and probably hurt as much as it normally does – maybe a wee bit more. I did take a couple of paracetamols and kept my promise not to shave in between waxes. So, that’s it. Very boring, drama over. I am ready to take the dreaded/threatened hairiness head on. Muff crisis averted!