With being at home with Reuben most of the week, I’ve started to think more about what to do with him. Activities that might challenge him but be enjoyable. It’s quite hard though because I basically don’t know much about toddlers! I know Reuben, and the things he likes. But then he’ll surprise me. He spent an hour and a half one evening last week playing with his new cooker, pretending to pour ‘hot teeeeeeea’ into the little cups. So he’s definitely able to concentrate for a while on one activity but I’m unable to predict what it would be. Since we’re coming up to Easter, I thought it might be fun to hunt out some Easter Activities that we could try this week!

As a guide to doing activities/anything with toddlers I highly recommend you read Hands on as We Grow’s toddler activities advice as it’ll help you get in the right head space and hopefully prevent you getting too frustrated!

Half a dozen Easter Activities for Toddlers! Sensory play for little ones http://www.mumsdays.com/easter-activities-toddlers/

Half a Dozen Easter Activities for Toddlers

1. Spring Sensory Box – By No Time for Flash Cards

I’ve done quite a bit of reading today about Montessori education  (thank you Wikipedia). Fascinating! And what an amazing woman. I just assumed Montessori was a man but it’s totally a woman in the early 1900s revolutionising education. Anyhoo, this kind of sensory box embraces the Montessori ideals and is fascinating to a toddler, lots of little things to try and find, and in theory they should be happy playing independently with this box for a while!

2. Bunny ears hat – Spoonful

I think I would have to do most of this activity but it looks really easy and I think if I put a little mirror somewhere for him so he could see himself, he’d enjoy wearing the ears and playing with them for a while. They also mention using easter stickers and I think Reuben would enjoy doing that bit.

3. Egg decorating part 1

My thought for this is to literally give him some eggs and some felt tips. I think he would enjoy actually holding the egg whilst colouring. Again stickers would probably be popular!

You can get 10 fake eggs on EBay for £2.23 and as ever Paperchase have some lush stickers for £1.50.

4. Egg decorating part 2, sparkly eggs – Parents

If I’m feeling brave and the weather is nice, I recon we could do this…I could do glue dots on an egg, and then Reuben could roll the egg in some glitter in a tray. This would all have to happen outside though and I guess I should expect him to throw the glitter everywhere if he’s not interested in rolling the eggs in it. The garden could look really pretty with glitter everywhere though!

5. Easter baskets – Pretty Little Party Shop

Reuben loves things with handles. Buckets, bags and baskets are all popular for carrying around. This idea from Pretty Little Party Shop is so simple and easy, that it wouldn’t matter if he wrecked it with his usual style of rough play! I think he’d enjoy taking things out or collecting up the eggs he’s been decorating.

6. Family Tree Egg Hunt – No Time for Flash Cards

I’m using No Time for Flash Cards’ idea of a family tree peak-a-boo but instead I’m going to stick family pictures on eggs made from old birthday cards. I’ll then ‘hide’ them around the garden and see if I can entice Reuben to go hunting for them with his baskets. I think the pictures will be the key for him to get engaged with this game…I’ll do a post about this once we’ve done it to let you know how it went!

What Easter Activities are you going to try with your little ones? Feel free to leave your links in the comments section!