Sound, Mind and Body is a boutique personal training gym that provides bespoke fitness solutions and they were looking for someone who had recently had a baby to train and share their post-pregnancy fitness goals and journey. As you know, despite my best intentions, I have been halfheartedly trying to lose the baby weight and safely exercise after pregnancy. By some happy convenience Sound, Mind and Body managed to find me!

So, here is the dealio with this exercise after pregnancy lark…Dan is going to train me twice a week for the next 3 months. He is going to give me a plan so I can workout in between these sessions (ha!) and while Jodie Marsh is somewhat out of reach (he says it’ll take around a year to get to that and to be fair I don’t really want to look that buff), I should be able to achieve a mum version of it! In return I will be blogging/tweeting/vining/instagramming what we get up to.

There are 2 stages to this…

  1. 4 weeks and 2 days – I have a date with a bikini in Gran Canaria on 4th April. I’d like to have ditched the M&S bodysuit that I so heavily rely on and feel confident to wear a bikini while we’re on holiday.
  2. 3 months – buff-dom. I should be looking and feeling significantly more Marshie, and it’ll be time to pull out the nautical pants for another before and after shot!

exercise after pregnancy

ready to workout

The gym itself is INCREDIBLE. It’s like walking into a hip 5 star hotel with dramatic wallpaper and blood red chandeliers… except instead of big, sumptuous beds with duck feather duvets you’re met with the gym equipment equivalent – top of the range treadmills, static bikes, and more fancy looking machines and free weights than you can shake a stick at! (Have a look at the amazing gym and high quality equipment here) And, while you’d imagine this is really intimidating, it’s actually the opposite. It’s like the Truman Show (that film with Jim  Carey) where everyone looks at each other and smiles and says hello (only this isn’t a sham and I don’t think I’m unknowingly the star of a reality TV show). Someone even chatted with me in the changing room. Can you imagine?!

So, where’s the catch…oh, yeah, I actually have to workout! And, not before a scary looking device did a scary thing…measure my fat percentage!

exercise after pregnancy

fat measuring device!

Within 5 mins of meeting Dan I had my trousers around my ankles while he measured a whole handful of my thigh! Not my finest moment but I did request it so we could really see how I’ve progressed. So, my current body fat percentage is 24% and I need to reduce that to 14% if I want to achieve something I never have before – visible muscles!

3 sessions later and I’d say it’s been hard but in a focused, controlled way. Dan did some initial tests to see where I needed to focus to make sure I don’t do any damage: upper back; lower back; and, lower abs. I’d also say having someone else there watching your every move is incredible for taking your mind off the fact that you’re hurting. Instead it wants to show off! “I can do an extra 10 squats, no problem.” I’m a fairly self-motivated person but I’d never do that on my own in the gym.

I was shattered after the first couple of sessions but my muscles weren’t too sore, which makes me feel like I’m doing some good rather than just breaking myself in an attempt to ‘get fit’. And, the good news is that Dan is going to help me share his expertise by writing some posts about the kinds of exercises us mums can do to safely and effectively exercise after pregnancy and get back into shape. What I’ve already found from the 3 sessions I’ve had with Dan is that I have been doing the right exercises wrong! Therefore, I will also use my infamously bad video skills so Dan can explain, exactly as he does for me, how to do the exercises with a demo (hopefully from someone other than me!).

And relax! Once all the hard work is done there’s big soft towels, hot overhead showers in individual dark, shower rooms, invigorating grapefruit shower gel all in a fabulous powder room that takes the small details seriously! From cotton buds to GHDs, they’ve got it covered.

exercise after pregnancy

swankiest gym changing room ever seen (in my humble opinion!)

exercise after pregnancy

the details

exercise after pregnancy

may as well get ready properly!