Following on from the half a dozen Easter Activities Post, I’ve been working on my Family Tree Egg Hunt today! Lots of cutting and sticking but since it was sunny I sat outside to do it while Reuben played with the Easter Sensory Box (as inspired by No Time for Flash Cards)…

Toddler Easter Sensory box - Egg hunt

I know people say that toddlers love this kind of thing but I was dubious as to whether Reuben would. Well, he absolutely loved it! Played for ages really concentrating on filling the pots or the eggs, and using each of the garden tools. There was a moment that he tried to tip the whole thing up but I was close at hand to save the day. Also, to stop him putting anything in his mouth/retrieving the things he did put in his mouth. He didn’t do it often but definitely bare in mind that you want to keep an eye on little ones.

I did a bit of a rampage at Sainsbury’s and the whole thing cost just over £6.  It was really easy to do and this is what I used to make it:

  • Tub (that everything goes into) – £1
  • Plant pots – £1 for 10
  • Fillable eggs – £2 for 8
  • Pinto beans – £1.10
  • Farfalle (bow tie pasta!) Tricolour – £0.95

I also put in some dried green lentils but they were lost so don’t bother! I was meant to add some little insects and sequins but I forgot. Next time!

Toddler Easter Sensory box - Egg hunt

The Family Tree Egg Hunt

Anyway, on to the main affair… The Family Tree Egg Hunt! Reuben LOVES chocolate and cake and all sweet things so the option of having an egg hunt with real chocolate ain’t on the cards. I figured this would be a nice alternative!

My theory behind this is that I wasn’t sure if I could get Reuben excited about collecting just eggs, so with the added dimension of there being people he knows on the back might make it more interesting for him.

Turns out, all I needed to do was dot them about, give him a bucket and tell him to pick them up! He did also enjoy turning them over to see who was there, so I think we’re going to enjoy playing with these over the next few days (months!).

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt - Easter Activities

All you need is:

  • A bunch of old Birthday cards;
  • Some photos of your nearest and dearest;
  • Some scissors; and
  • Pritstick
Toddler Easter Egg Hunt - Easter Activities

1. Cut your bunch of cards in to egg shapes (don’t worry too much, some of mine are very dubious eggs! I did consider using cookie cutters but they were a bit small)

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt - Easter Activities

2. Stick them onto your photos – I held them up to the sun to make sure they were in the right place, then cut the paper to size.

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt - Easter Activities

3. “Hide” them – you could probably hide them in more imaginative places than I did but I was mainly just gauging his interest! I’ll try more challenging places tomorrow.

Toddler Easter Egg Hunt - Easter Activities

That’s it!

What do you think? Do you fancy giving the Family Tree Egg Hunt or the Easter Sensory Box a go?!