Heidi kindly sent in her birth story as she quite rightly noticed a lack of positive birth stories for the first child! A first child labour is often a long, laborious experience that doesn’t go to plan…mine certainly was. But that’s not to say that yours will be. So first time mamas listen up and enjoy this fab birth story from Heidi…

First child - Heidi's positive birth story. #waterbirth #givingbirth

Logan – Heidi’s super cute first child! 

First Child – Heidi’s Birth Story

In January 2013 I found out we were expecting our first child. Having only just been married since 15th September 2012, this meant our little bump would be due a few weeks after our 1st wedding anniversary.

My pregnancy was very healthy, other than sickness within the first 16 weeks.  My bump grew over the next few months and all scans showed a healthy baby and i seemed to glow with health.  We decided not to find out the sex and find out for ourselves on b-day.

We attended the local antenatal classes and throughout it all I decided I would like the most natural birth possible. But having never experienced this before was happy to try anything needed at the time!  So I decided not to make a birth plan and to go ‘with the flow’.

Our due date was the Wednesday 25th September and on the Tuesday before I had some of the mucus plug come away.  After visiting a good friend who had herself only just had her second daughter, and telling her, she thought it may not be long before we welcomed our baby.

From the Wednesday I started to feel ‘different’ and I just had a feeling that I wanted to stay at home and do some small jobs around the house. I cancelled all my plans for the week saying I didn’t feel too well.  At this point my dog, Marley started acting strange.  He would follow me around whether it meant sitting next to me whilst I went to the toilet, or outside the bathroom when I had a shower, to even getting into the under stairs cupboard whilst I tidied it out.

That night I explained to my husband that I thought things were happening as I had the ‘show’.  By the next day I started having mild contractions, so I took slow walks with the dog and some warm baths as advised in the antenatal classes.  By Thursday afternoon they seemed to slow down slightly, but by the evening they had started back up. Although they were still manageable, I called the delivery suite to see what I would need to do and was advised to take paracetamol and warm baths.

We went to bed as normal, however, by 4am the contractions became more intense and sleeping became impossible, so by 5am I was up and in the bath again. At this point the contractions were about 15 minutes apart.  My husband woke about 6am and headed off to work as normal, however I felt panicky about being home alone and b-day looming extremely close so I called the hospital again for reassurance.

As the morning progressed the contractions started getting closer together, but by this point and being home alone the hormones began and I could not stop crying.  My husband got home about midday and the afternoon went by having stronger and stronger contractions. But they were not getting closer together and seemed to be irregular.

By 8pm they were becoming unbearable and the paracetamol and baths were no longer providing any relief, I called the hospital again and told them I would like to come in to be assessed.  So my husband went and picked himself a Chinese takeaway up as we felt this could be a long night.

We got to the hospital at 9pm and I was assessed by the midwife, and was 5cm dilated even though my contractions still seemed to be irregular (possibly due to being back to back).  She asked whether I would like the birthing pool, and began to run the water.

At this point we thought we still had a long night, and at 9.20pm I took 1 codeine tablet and entered the pool whilst wearing my bikini (top and bottoms).  I remember thinking I would look like a prune as I would be in this pool for hours and hours!

Within an hour of being in the pool and whilst concentrating on my breathing through a contraction, there was a loud pop from behind my belly-button, and my waters had gone.  At is point the midwife advised that I should probably remove my bikini knickers!

The urge to push was almost instant, and the pressure had increased considerably and I started pushing with the contractions.  At one point I remember loosing the plot a little and saying that I couldn’t do this! With gentle persuasion from the midwife and my husband I composed myself, and went with the feelings, and controlled my breathing.

The rest is now a blur and at 11.59pm with only gas and air, our perfect baby was born and placed on my chest.  In the excitement I completely forgot to see whether we had a son or daughter! Having been reminded to check, we had welcomed our beautiful son, Logan Aston Dickins, weighing a healthy 7lbs 7oz.

First child - Heidi's positive birth story. #waterbirth #givingbirth

We savoured our first moments with our beautiful son and my husband cut the cord, after 20 minutes the midwife took Logan to be weighed, and my husband went to the car to bring the baby clothes in so we could dress him. I also left the pool so I could get warmed up, and I only required one stitch.

I did become weak and fainted on a number of occasions in the first 12 hours after giving birth but I was looked after very well. After a few nights on the ward, we took our son home to meet his big brother Marley the dog!  Now 4 months on and I look back on this moment as the most amazing thing I have ever achieved!!

I hope this story shows other mum-to-be’s that not all first child births are bad.