All this talk about second babies… Here’s Fran’s experience of her first and her second baby…

Neonatal resuscitation

Fran’s Birth Story

Child no 1,

Approaching my due date, I was feeling fed up and trying to spur things on by drinking my raspberry tea, lots of long walks, drive down bumpy roads and then a bit of hanky panky!  I fell asleep only to wake up 20 minutes later…my waters had gone.  This was 4 days before my due date.

I arrived at hospital  at midnight, and was sent home at 2am. I was booked in for induction on sat morning at 11am.  I went home to bed, pretty restless but managed to sleep. I spent the next day bouncing on my ball and watching DVDs.  My contractions finally started at 6pm but didn’t progress anywhere. I was up most of the night, it seemed more painful when lying down, so I had about 4 baths! I tried the tens machine but didn’t really think much of it.

We went to hospital in the morning for an induction.  I was 4cm dilated so I didn’t need the pessary and was sent straight down to the labour ward. At 1pm I was hooked up to the drip and can honestly say that as soon as the drip was attached my contractions just kept coming one on top of the other.  There was no break in between, I couldn’t even talk. I had some paracetamol and gas and air, and started pushing at 5, nothing happening. There was a shift change at 7, that didn’t help! My midwife went to fetch some help, an old battle axe that thought I just needed a good talking to! That didn’t work, finally I had an assisted forceps delivery and at 8.56pm Aden was born.

It was bonfire night and I was so confused by all the fireworks going off, I kept on thinking it was somebody else entering the room! There where quite a few people in there by the time I had given birth.

The recovery afterwards was awful, though the birth was bad enough.  It was about 6 weeks before I could sit down properly and I was breastfeeding, which was also very painful. I also had mastitis and piles to contend with.

But just 7 months later I was pregnant again…

I was 6 days overdue. I felt a dull ache at bedtime, went to sleep and contractions started at 5.30am. Granny came to pick Aden up at 7.30 and Tom and I chilled out all morning listening to some music whilst bouncing on the birthing ball.  Contractions every 5 mins all day but they didn’t get any closer.  We went for a drive at 2pm, bad idea!! That was so uncomfortable, came home got hospital bag and went for walk in the park, much better idea. My contractions were then 2 mins apart so went to hospital at 4.30pm. 6 cm dilated..whippee. I asked for gas and air again, which came about 30 mins later. I asked for paracetamol, which never turned up in time!

I felt a lot more in control and relaxed this time, we were even doing a crossword in between contractions.  Waters went at, which had meconium in it so I was hooked back on to the bed.  But about 5 pushes later and Elsa was born at 6.51.  I had a small episiotomy due to the scar tissue from before but was all ok and I hardly had any discomfort after (even though the stitches did come apart!!)

So there you have it, both very different and both weighed roughly the same.  Aden 8lb 14oz, Elsa 9lb 2oz.

I think the combination of waters going first and being induced just made it so much more painful, looking back I wish I’d have asked for more pain relief but I really don’t think I was able to communicate properly, I remember the midwives asking Tom if I was a tough cookie but not once did they ask me if I needed anything stronger. I definately didn’t build up a relationship with the midwife like you see on OBEM on telly!!

So much easier second time around 😉

Fran xx