Oooh it’s nearly Valentines – I don’t know why I love it but there’s something about those funny valentines critters that get me every year. I’ve been looking for some fun ‘new’ crafts to do this Friday (New Thing Friday) with Reuben and his little friends, so I’ve pulled together 10 of my favourites.

My Funny Valentines - Crafts for little ones

 My Funny Valentines – 10 crafts for little ones

1. Pompom Love Monsters

This tutorial looks very do-able and they are just the cutest.

2. Love canvas

This can be made for any occasion really! For valentines you could replace the colours with just red and white paint.

3. Cupcakes

To use your cake toppers 0n (see 4!). You could add some red food colouring to the icing to make it extra festive.

4. Sticker star cake toppers

Just replace with heart stickers, of course!

5. Disco Dipped Valentines Biscuits

These don’t have too many ingredients and would be great fun to decorate.

6. Heart Garland

This looks doable with little ones! Get them to decorate each heart and then thread some nice string through the hole punch holes. Nice and quick to finish!

7. Silly Heart Puppets

Glue, mini-pompoms, goggly eyes, anything goes with these! Then stick them on a lolly pop stick.

8. Heart tube stamping

Finally a good use for those old loo rolls…

9. Valentines Sensory Tub

I love a good sensory tub and I really love the dyed rice used here. This should keep them busy for a while!

10. Heart Wreath

Cut out the circle and the hearts and let your little one go wild with the sticking

What will you be doing with your funny valentines this weekend?!

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