time flies when you're being a mum

Giving Birth is an incredibly personal thing. People are around you but ultimately you are on your own, doing something that women have done since time began. Some labours are good and some are bad. They can be quick or they can be slow. And, they can be life affirming or soul destroying. But this is the rite of passage we were designed for and it will change us, both mum and dad, forever.

There were moments in my own labour when I didn’t think I would survive! But when it was all over and my baby was in my arms, I knew that it was the most amazing experience of my life. I was now a woman. A mother.

I asked the Mums’ Days Facebook Likers and other bloggers for their Stories of Giving Birth and I am truly honoured to be able to share these precious, life changing tales.

It’s become quite a collection! So rather than let them disappear in my blog feed to be forgotten, I have created this page. It’s a directory for you and I to look back on and share with others. In time there should be a story that you can relate to (and if not, please send me yours!). Hopefully it will help you prepare for an upcoming labour or help you deal with your own experience of giving birth.

Giving Birth – A Collection of Labour and Birth Stories

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C-section (Emergency):

C-section (Elective):

Dad’s Perspective:


Down Syndrome:

Ectopic Pregnancy:

Fast Labour:

Forceps Delivery:

Gas and Air:

Giving Birth Abroad:


Home Birth:


Intrauterine Growth Restriction:


Long Labour:

Midwife Led Unit:

Neonatal Resuscitation:

Obstetric Cholestasis:

Placenta Previa:


Pre eclampsia:

Rhesus Negative:



Water Birth:


I’m not currently accepting Birth Stories but if you want to write yours down before you forget, here are some suggestions for writing your own story!

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