Welcome to the first installment of the Mums’ Days Fit Club where I’ll be talk all about goal setting and getting started!

To celebrate the launch and help some of you get started, Protest are giving away prizes! You could win a full workout outfit (worth £95) or 1 of 2 runner up prizes – See the bottom of the post for full details.

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch for the Mums' Days Fit Club!

What is the Mums’ Days Fit Club?

The Mums’ Days Fit Club is here so we can inspire each other to reach our health and fitness goals!

Motherhood is mentally and physically exhausting at times. I don’t know your situation yet (please come to the FB launch party on Wednesday 8pm on the Mums’ Days Facebook page to tell me!), so I can only speak from my experience that I find motherhood overwhelming at times. A few months ago it dawned on me that I had got into a bad habit of really not looking after myself.

I was drinking too much, eating rubbish and not sleeping enough. I was exhausted and the heaviest and laziest I’d ever been. And I didn’t feel good about myself or my body. At. All.

I decided to turn it around, which you can read here and here. And, with help from Mike and his family, and by changing my focus and daily routines, I lost weight but, more importantly, quickly started to feel amazing and more confident.

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch of the Mums' Days Fit Club!

I believe that every mother deserves to feel her best. I want the MDFitClub to be a place where mums can know it’s OK, in fact it’s essential, to put your health to the top of your to do list. For your family’s sake and yourself.

I want us to feel great from the inside out and to love our ‘new’ bodies

This isn’t about vanity or getting the perfect body, but when it comes to your summer holiday and mine, I want us both to feel confident to put on that swimwear and feel great! That pride at knowing we’ve worked for it and all the planning, prepping and exercise was worth it.

If this sounds like your kind of thing, then welcome to the club!

The idea has had such a lot of amazing feedback, thank you, but now it’s time for us to put our money where our mouths are, myself included, and get started! That’s exactly what this MDFitClub post is all about – picking your goal and getting started. I’M SO EXCITED!! Let’s get stuck in…

Goals and getting started

You wouldn’t get in your car with no idea of where you’re going…well during this era of the GPS, maybe you would, but ultimately you know where you’re heading to or, if you’re purely driving to get a baby to sleep, you know the purpose of the trip.

The MDFitClub is no different; we need to know what our goal is. What our destination looks like and the purpose of this ‘trip’ are going to be crucial for success!


Finding your Goal

What measurable thing do you want to achieve? It could be lose a few pounds, it could be do the coach to 5k, it could be to get triceps Madonna would jealous of. Whatever it is, write it down, make a t-shirt out of it. Own it.

You need it to be measureable so that you can tell if you’ve made it or not! So for something like ‘increase your fitness’ to make this measurable you can do a fitness test now and then one at the end to see how much your fitness has increased.

Finding your purpose

You also need to know why you want this. For example, to have more confidence, to have more energy to play with your kids, to prove to yourself you can do it, etc. We all have our own reasons for wanting to get fitter or lose a few pounds so it’s really helpful to have this written down too. When you’re feeling less ‘up for it’ you can refer back and remind yourself exactly why you felt you wanted this when you started.

My Goal

I recently lost 20lbs during a 6 week body transformation course with a local gym and after it had about 5lbs more to lose. However, there has been a bit of extravagance since then, including my recent trip to Tokyo, so my goal over the next 2 months is to lose 10lbs and gain some muscle definition.

And the purpose is to change some bad habits for good, and to feel more vibrant and confident in myself for the sake of my family.

Is your goal realistic

We also need to think about what’s realist. We can’t drive to Timbuktu in a couple of hours, but you could get from Newcastle to Leeds, which is on the way! So look at how long you’ve got and assess your goal. Is it achievable in the time you’ve got?

For example, if your overall goal is to lose a lot of weight, your goal for the next 2 months might be to lose a stone. Or lose 10 lbs and run 5k. That kind of thing, then once you’ve reached that initial goal you can set a new one that gets you closer to your overall goal.

For my goal, I have 8 weeks to lose 10lbs. At a loss of 1 to 2lbs a week, I believe it is possible! I also believe that with workout classes at my gym and some mini 15min sessions at home, I can increase my muscle definition. And finally I know what I need to eat and how much to sleep to feel amazing. The best thing is that all it takes is a few more zeds, some fresh air and some healthy food to start feeling more confident. So that one should be easy!

Now how are we going to get there?

This is possibly the tricky bit! It may well feel like a bit of a mountain to climb but it’s actually not hard at all, honest! It does require commitment and at times will power but to me, these are the three things that make all the difference…

1. Planning

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch of the Mums' Days Fit Club!

As unsexy as it sounds, this is where it’s all at y’all! And, there are two key reasons:

(i)   Focus – people who achieve their goals prioritise them and put more time into them. Focusing on your goal by planning your meals and workouts, working out and getting to bed early, that time all adds up to you succeeding. I know you may have a lot less time because you are either working or looking after your children full-time but I’ve got a few tricks that might help with this!

(ii) Eliminating Decision-making – there is an actual principal called Decision Fatigue which states that you only have a certain number of ‘good’ decisions you can make in a day and after that you start making bad ones (hello nighttime wine and munchies). I think, as mums, we’re making double decisions (maybe even triple or quadruple if you’ve got more than one kid or other family members to look after!!) so there’s little wonder at the end of the day we choose the ‘easiest’ thing for dinner and wash it down with a glass (or bottle) of Pino.

Planning your meals and workouts on say Sunday afternoon/evening gives you focus for the week and removes those decisions from your day. You can’t make a bad decision when it comes to food because you’ve already decided what you’re going to have!

You should also plan when you are going to workout. Book them in your diary as an immovable meeting! If you struggle with motivation or time, you might like to adopt the ‘do it first’ principle. This means you get it out of the way first thing in the morning. I personally struggle to work out at night after Reuben has gone to bed, so if I do it first thing, it’s done and I’m not dreading it for the day.

2. Eating Regularly

By eating clean food regularly and NOT depriving yourself, you can beat will power! It’s official and there have been actual studies to that effect (see The One Thing)!

Imagine, if you will, going out to dinner with friends (OK I know we’ve got kids but pretend!) and you’ve not eaten all day. Are you going to chose the healthy option, or are you going to go straight for the {insert your favourite naughty food here}? You may manage to go for the healthier option but your will power will have taken a hit and might not fair so well while you’re waiting.

Pass the bread and butter, would you?

Imagine the same scenario if you had a yummy lunch and then a healthy snack an hour before hand? You might still go for a few unhealthy things but overall, I think you’d fair better!

3. Sleep

I have a thing for sleep and the more I read about it, the more I love it. In terms of weight loss, sleep dictates how hungry you will be the next day and how capable our bodies are to lose weight (read the specifics here). It also has an incredible affect on well being and I should imagine might even give us a couple more ‘good decisions’ per day.

An athlete in training will sleep for 10 hours a night. We might not be athletes but we are on a mission and we’ve got kiddies thrown into the mix (who may/may not like to wake during the night or get up early!), so be kind to yourself and get to bed!!

The other thing about getting to bed early is … Sleep stops those midnight feasts! – kinda obvious but if you’re asleep or even just in bed that means you won’t succumb to the night time munchies.

Now what?

Well, I could literally keep going forever but I’ve got to stop somewhere! So, if that has whet your appetite for more, please join the FB launch party on Wednesday at 8pm on the Mums’ Days Facebook Page.

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch for the Mums' Days Fit Club!

In the mean time, please do let me know what you think in the comments below!

I’d love to hear what your goals are and why.

Feel free to tweet me @mumsdays, use the hashtag #MDFitClub, contact me via the Mums’ Days FB page or even email me on hannah@mumsdays.com. Let’s do this thing!

Resources and further reading/listening

Fitness test 1 or Fitness test 2

Tim Ferris: How to avoid Decision Fatigue

Will power – from The One Thing

Win with Protest

Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch of the Mums' Days Fit Club and Competition with protest! Ends 30th June 2015

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Goal Setting and Getting Started - Launch of the Mums' Days Fit Club and Competition with protest! Ends 30th June 2015

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