My older brother, 3 years older to be almost exact (when I was younger I obviously didn’t want him to be older so would say he was 2 years and 10 months older than me.), is 34 today! He lives all the way out in Japan and has done for the last 12 years. In the spirit of loving Vlogging right now, Reuben and I have done him a dorky video, complete with no make up and bed hair. We filmed it this morning before dashing off to various Saturday monring activities, in case you’re worried about what time we get up.

Josh, I love you loads! And I promise we will come and see you soon (you’ll see I’ve been thinking about it this week in this Tokyo post). I really want to come and see you before our 4 becomes 5, which means if we come next spring, I can put off thinking about number 3 (my number 2) until after then. Hurrah!

Enjoy the rest of your party and drink lots of Sake (or wine/beer/etc)! Wish I was there too xxxx Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday Josh!

With a very jet lagged Josh! This is the ONLY photo I could find of us together – do you have any Joshy??