This day a year ago, I sat down with a vague idea to start a blog. My first post, the gist, outlined ‘where I was at’ – recently preggers, going through the closure of my business (so therefore, unemployed!), worried about becoming fat, growing an extra pair of boobs (in case you don’t believe that happens, it happened to my friend who had a baby a month after me. So there!), piles, etc, and wanting to be happy and healthy.

My mission, which I planned to document, was as follows…

a) to be healthy and happy in time for Reuben’s Birth;

b) to make some money/get a job; and

c) to streamline my life – meaning everything from successful and painfree business closure to uncluttered cupboards and a Gok-style wardrobe.

Firstly, I now see that I clearly take my time every year to think through my resolutions. I needn’t have panicked and thought I’d missed the 2013 resolutions boat.

Secondly, I’d say I did OK with my mission! I was healthy and happy by the time Reuben was born – I had a new group of mum friends and I exercised nearly every day right up to my due date. I think this change in attitude to exercise has had a massive impact upon my weight loss after pregnancy (I’m 2kg off the weight I was before I got pregnant) and my drive to continue exercising to lose all that pre-pregnancy weight too! Which is why weight loss hasn’t made it onto my resolutions list.

I did get a job, which I’m eternally grateful for. It kept me busy and helped pay for the house overhaul we finished a few days before Reuben was born.

I did succesfully close the business but I am far from streamlining my life! I’m a clutter magnet. It doesn’t seem to matter how big my intentions are, I really stuggle to keep on top of the stuff. I’m the Queen of lists (often in my head) but that’s it. Lists and more lists with no real action. I’d like to say to myself, accept that this is who you are and do your best, but seriously it’s not fair on the poor people who have to live with me!

So, moving on to what I hope this next year will bring (as a result of me actually doing some shit instead of just talking about it):

1. I want to turn this blog from something I enjoy doing into something that will bring in some money.

The greatest thing that happened out of my vague idea a year ago is I learnt that I love writing. And, I seem to have quite a bit to say. I have had the odd bit of writers block, but that’s because I get self-conscious (most recently someone had a go about the fact that I have started to give Reuben solid food before he turned 6 months – each to their own, bringing up a child isn’t an exact science and even the NHS changes their mind ALL the time about what to do, but I can’t help but feel guilty/bad when I get a negative reaction!).

For me, the rules of finding the best job going are to find something you love and would do for free (check), and then work out how to live off it…without pissing off the lovely people who read my blog, of course. I want it to be my project that I can look back on next year and be proud of what I achieved. I already do, having taken it from nothing to approximately 200 readers a day (although when I posted my maternity photos I had over 1,400 hits!) but there’s so much more I want to do with it. I need a challenge to feel fulfilled, so I’m ready to get stuck in.

I’ve taken the first step as I’ve enlisted the help of my lovely in-laws to take Reuben for me once a week so I can dedicate this time to my blog. I kind of know what I need to do but I plan to ask a favour of a blog friend to make sure I’m on the right track and then I actually need to do it. Novel.

2. I need to read.

I am becoming (or have become, some might say) a person with no craic. I talk about Reuben. That’s about it. So, I aspire to read. Last year I can count the number of books I read on 2 hands and the number of novels on 1 finger! There’s so much I’m missing out on (I hear that there’s a new book on the market – 50 shades of something? – that’s apparently quite popular…! Seriously I must be the only person who hasn’t read it) and I can pretty much pinpoint why. I’m tired by the time I put Reuben to bed so we make tea and watch whatever drivel is on telly and then go to bed around 9pm. I know that in order to read, I need to cut back on the telly and/or rather than rushing around do other things during the time Reuben sleeps, I give myself permission to sit down and have half an hour to myself reading something. Anything!

3. To put my family first.

This one is the most important. Everyone needs down time, and I’m a happier, better person when I have a bit of time off to do something for myself (hence my day without Reuben a week) but when I’m on duty, as it were, I want to be the best, most attentive and fun mum and wife (and yes I mean in that way too!) I can be!

4. To streamline my life.

Just kidding. BUT to keep it realistic I am going to achieve 1 thing per month in our house that makes it a better place to live. January’s ambition is to finish Reuben’s room. I mentioned in my last post that we were off to IKEA to get curtains. Well, we left without curtains because I forgot that in order to buy curtains you need to know how big the thing it’s bloody covering is. Seriously. I used to be so crafty, now look at me.

If I can do those 4 things well, I recon we could be in for a good 2013! Happy Birthday Mum’s Days and Happy belated New Year everyone xxx