My general diet (on the good days) is lean protein and vegetables, which can get VEEEERRRRY samey. {You can see some of my general inspiration for health fish recipes and more on my pinterest board – Healthy Eating for Mum}

The other day I looked in the freezer and all we had was some white fish to eat. It was cobbler, which is better than cod or haddock in my opinion, but generally I find white fish a bit uninspiring. Healthy fish recipes to me involve…Put it in some foil with some butter or lemon or something else if you’re feeling adventurous, then serve it up with some veg. Yawn. Something came over me and I felt the need to rebel. I think it was the look on Mike’s face when I put another boring fish dish in front of him. I wanted to marinade!

Healthy Fish Recipes - Amazing Marinade!

Healthy fish recipes – marinade baby! Or die from boredom 

Now, the best marinade for white fish (and my favourite healthy fish recipes), involves chilli, coriander and lime. Much like a salsa. I didn’t have any coriander. I had to think outside the box.

My favourite dressing for prawns is chilli, garlic and parsley (as in chilli prawn linguini – aka orgasm on a plate), which I did have. So I made up a batch of marinade using these key ingredients, marinated the fish for a few hours and it was LUSH!!! And effing quick so great for a quick dinner on a school night.

It dawned on me that the other thing about this marinade is it would also make a great salad or pasta dressing (avoiding the raw garlic unless you’re in good company) or flavoured oil for cooking (I actually used some for my chicken breast – another fairly dull protein – and it was proper yum), so I’ve taken to making some on a Monday to have when I fancy a bit of excitement and I figured I’d share it with you!

A Fantastic Marinade for Healthy Fish Recipes

What you need:

1 Chilli

2 or 3 Garlic cloves

A handful of Parsley

Half a cup of Olive Oil (I use those small IKEA coffee cups – I’ve measured out a US cup and it’s pretty much exactly the same)

Juice of one Lime

Mix it all together! This should make enough to marinade 2 fish fillets and leave some over for anything else that tickles your fancy.

Marinade - healthy fish recipes

Loads of chilli and garlic (plus olive oil – this is an amazing dressing to have around the place as it is!)

Marinade - healthy fish recipes


Marinade - healthy fish recipes

Marinade for a few hours, fry up and enjoy with your favourite side!

How do you Jazz up your fish?! Please leave a comment below xx

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