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This week has been awash with home improvements as a few more areas of our home have (nearly) been completed! If you’re a regular here for #TheList Linky, firstly, no you haven’t lost a day, it is still Thursday. We’re a day early due to the Britmums Live Conference. Secondly, please be sure to read through all the notices below in the “Your Turn” section as there are a couple of changes a foot! Right onto my list…

Friday – Reuben and I did Thirlwall Castle, this time on our own, and it was a fabulous one. Plus the weather was amazing and perfect for a picnic – no car picnics here, finally!

Home improvements and Thrilwall Castle - The List 41

Saturday – it was just me and Reubs until the evening when Mike and I went to a wedding in Crook Hall in Durham. The location was a complete revelation and the garden in particular was stunning! Alex was back from Tokyo for the wedding too.

Home improvements and Crook Hall - The List 41

Sunday – I spent most of the day doing home improvements; tidying and in particular sorting out my office because Alex and her mum were coming for a sleep over. It meant I could finally almost finish my office. Finishes touches are a chair and frame the wall art that I’ve bought!

Home improvements and the office - The List 41

High lights from the rest of the week…Reuben has lived in these glasses:

Home improvements and the glasses - The List 41

Mike and his dad spent Tuesday afternoon shifting 2 tons of top soil and then laying the turf! Good effort. We just need some flowers for the beds (the Mums’ Days Facebook Wall has suggested LOADS!) and we’re done!

Home improvements and the garden - The List 41


Monday was pretty epic as I spent the morning filming for a workout video with Steve, an amazing personal trainer from Elite Physique, and the afternoon editing said video and creating the blog post. This has resulted in an awesome Mums’ Days Fit Club post, if I do say so myself!! You can read about the 15 minute full body workout here and watch the video below.


I listened to an awesome podcast from Tim Ferriss this week, where he’s basically having a chat with his mate (over also overachiever) Noah Kagan about their life hacks. Lesson 1 and 2?

Successful people read and make their bed every morning!

Love it! I out of 2 ain’t bad. But seriously, there were loads of great ideas on here, so I’d highly recommend a listen here.

Your Turn

So many amazing posts again, I really struggled to pick my top 3 to feature, but I’ve shared loads on twitter too as you guys were on fire last week! But before I get to that, here are a couple of notices…

Changes to The List

We’re not talking massive changes here but #TheList has been running now for 41 weeks and Aby, my cohost from You Baby Me Mummy, and I are thrilled with the level of support and community spirit that has grown out of this simple idea!

The down side is that are struggling for time. We have around 140-150 lovely listers each week and aim to comment on all of the posts between us. It takes almost 12 hours and as we’re both looking after our kids and working full-time on our blogs, we’re struggling!

We are trying to think about ways we can help you, the Listers, in a more meaningful way by making it more of a platform to showcase your fabulous posts. With this in mind here is our plan going forward;

  • We will both try to comment on as many posts as we can, but we probably won’t get round everyone. The community is wonderful and so if you link up and comment on other people’s posts, you will still get comments and interaction on social media!
  • Aby and I will continue to retweet your links as normal and you will get exposure to our combined Twitter following of almost 16k followers.
  • We will each feature our favourite 3 posts on our Facebook pages, which will increase your exposure to our following there of 10k people.
  • We would also really like to encourage you to join the Pinterest board – by adding your posts there you have the immediate audience of 800+ people, but it’s also like a library, so more people will continue to find your fabulous posts – everyone loves a list, so the potential for traffic is huge!!

We have more exciting plans, which would mean even more added value for all you lovely lot who link up.  We really do value your support and are working on lots of ways to increase the number of eyes on your posts! If you have any probs just give Aby or me a shout xxx

My Featured Posts

Mummy Tries – How happy are you with your body? A wonderful post which I think all mamas can relate too. I love the ethos behind it, let’s all love our bodies!

Diary of an Unexpectant Mother – How to cope when one parent works away from home A fantastic resource for other parents who might have to deal with this.

Hey Momma Blog – things I’ve removed from the Baby’s mouth this week – made me larf! I’d forgotten all about these days and the fact you had to watch their every move!

This Week!

This week I’m linking MDFitClub: Full Body Workout and I’m going to Britmums Live 2015, and Aby is linkingIt was Blogtacular! and 5 Things: To Do To Make Your Dreams Come True. What will you link up?!

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