We’re back! I had such a lovely time relaxing and reading in the sun – it’s amazing how you can fill your time doing relatively little (except eat, relax and get into strange positions in order to get an even tan). I’m sure I’ve put on quite a bit of weight and baby seems to have popped as I am definitely looking pregnant now. I’m wearing mama jeans (topshop’s Baxter jeans bought for £10 in the sale), that didn’t fit 10 days ago, as we speak.

 Just quickly, here are the things I forgot and recommend you don’t:

  1. Bring your pregnancy tablets, I forgot mine and I’ve had to make do with one from the airport that I’m not keen on.
  2. Spend more time trying to find a good bikini – with the lovely weather and despite feeling like a baby elephant next to the pool, I did get my bump out. However, the bikinis I took were really no better than indecent! (after a fall out with the paying system, in protest I decided against getting the Seraphine bikini in my pregnancy swimwear post…well they shouldn’t advertise free delivery codes on the site and then try and charge £4 for it!)
  3. If you suffer from heat rash bring something for it
  4. Bring plenty of paracetamol – my midwife told me it’s safe for me to have and I had a couple of days with a headache so I was almost out
  5. Bring something for heartburn – with all this luscious food and drink, Mike started to suffer. I didn’t have any trouble but it’s a well known pregnancy symptom!
  6. Invest in a pair of maternity shorts or denim mini skirt. I didn’t take mine off even though it doesn’t actually fit, so I did that oh so sexy button trick!


Mike’s parents were great company and provided endless amusing anecdotes (my favourite being the story of Michael senior’s knitted swimming trunks – the mind boggles!), and it was lovely to spend lots of time with Gabriella. Having said that I did have a mini tantrum a few days into the holiday when I had a minor fall out with Gabby that resulted in some serious feeling-sorry-for-myself time – I couldn’t drink the all-inclusive bar dry, I was fat, being with a kid day in day out is hard work and I’m about to have a baby, there was nowhere to have sex, etc, etc. I was fine after a good cry and a go at Mike! I’m telling you, he’s one lucky guy.

That did make me have a good think about all the things you can’t do when you’re pregnant, which for me mainly boils down to drinking, and I basically have 2 choices. I can either spend the next 3 or 4 months feeling deprived and annoyed about the fact that I can’t have a drink OR I can be thankful every day (sorry I’m going to go a bit hippy now) that I’m lucky enough to be pregnant and take this opportunity to really look after myself and my mini-Mike.

So, with all the vigour of someone who’s come back from an all-inclusive eating holiday with the best of intentions, here is my new healthy mission!

1. Exercise – I did nothing more than take the stairs while we were on holiday so I’m going back to my original mission to exercise for at least 30 mins a day. I’ve found some good links about this, which go beyond the usual ‘go for a walk’ advice and are a better fit for people, like me, who want to continue to have a proper workout while they are pregnant, so I’ll share that soon.

2. Pregnancy Diet – enough with the “it’s not fair I can’t have…”, I’m going to take this healthy thing by the balls, making sure I’m getting all the vital nutrients that I need for baby bean and to put on weight healthily, and cutting out the crap, which will include:

  • having a juice a day;
  • no more sneaky cups of tea or shandy;
  • cutting out the sugary rubbish (including chocolate!); and
  • sticking to the Love foods for all my meals.

3. Attitude of Gratitude – mentioned by many a hippy, self-help guru, I’m no longer going to feel sorry for myself because I can’t drink or have the odd cheeky puff on a tab, and I’m going to make the most of my new freedom and time that not having a hangover has bought me – time to get some stuff done!!