Charlotte has kindly shared her incredible Birth Stories for her 3 gorgeous kids. Following an Ectopic Pregnancy in 2006 Charlotte went on to have a healthy baby boy but not all was so well for Charlotte…

Charlotte’s Birth Stories following an Ectopic Pregnancy

Firstly, in 2006 I collapsed at my Boy Friend’s house (now husband) in a lot of pain, so we rushed up to the hospital to find out it was an ectopic pregnancy. This meant I had to have my right tube removed and I was told it may be difficult to conceive a baby naturally.

In 2008 we conceived our first baby boy. The pregnancy went really well until a month before my due date. I got some pretty extreme tightenings so we went up to the hospital and they said I was 3cm dilated and the baby would be here in 24 hours. We were in shock.

One month later I finally went into labour at 3am on 17th July. I was 4cm dilated and I was sent to the consultant lead unit because of my asthma. My labour continued to get stronger. At 7cm I was already taking gas and air so I decided to have some pethidine. The midwives kept coming in and out of the room, as they do. Then at 9am the midwife came in, then very gracefully left the room to reappear very quickly with another midwife and two doctors!! I started to panic, then the doctor examined me and said “Right, Charlotte, we really need to get your baby out now, your baby’s heartbeat is dropping.”

I didnt feel the urge to push, but I pushed like I have never pushed before, but it wasnt enough. The doctor then said we need to do a forceps delivery. I was given an episiotomy then the doctor placed one forcep in and then the other and clicked them together. Then I pushed as the doctor pulled. It was terrifying. My husband had his hands on his head pacing the room. Then the doctor got her feet on the end of the bed and pulls. Finally his head appeared followed by his body at 9.48am weighing 7lb.6oz!!!

We were over joyed and traumatised at the same time!!

ectopic pregnancy

Kyriacos – you can see the forceps marks on his little face

Once things had calmed down, my husband left so we both could get some rest, then at 12.30 the midwife asked if I would like a shower, so she wheeled me down to the shower and left me to it. As I was getting undressed I started seeing stars everywhere and could feel myself going to faint. I just about managed to pull the alarm and the room filled with staff. They managed to get me back on the bed, butt naked, but I didn’t give a monkeys!

Then I went to the ward. I was asked at 3pm if i could go for a wee, so with some help of a HCA I went to the loo, bless her she never left my side. As I sat on the bed pan something fell out of me, it was a blood clot bigger than my hand!! I walked back to my bed and started seeing stars again, I just lay down till they disappeared. I was also trying to breastfeed my son, which was extremely painful.

On day three I had my bloods taken to find my HB was 6.9 (anything less than 12 is considered low), that’s why I was seeing stars and feeling faint. I still continued with breastfeeding, even though my nipples had blisters and my son was screaming so so much. Despite the midwife saying continue with breastfeeding I had to give him a bottle (I felt so guilty), poor baby was staving. He drank lots of the bottle and fell asleep! my body just could not make milk with such a big blood loss. When my HB had gone up to 7.1 so I was allowed home with iron tablets.

My lovely husband did the night shift while I had a relaxing bath, I looked in the mirror as I got out the bath to see my right buttock was as black at the night!! I was so thirsty, drinking six pints of Ribena a day! On day five my milk came in so I continued breast feeding.

Two weeks later still feeling quite rough and another blood clot fell out of me, about the size of my palm. I went back off to the doctors to find I had an infection and my HB was still low, so with the right medication I was finally starting to feel more human. I was not prepared for such a long recovery but we got there in the end and managed to breastfeed for 7 and a half months!

In 2011 we had another healthy baby boy (7lb.0) with no problems and I recovered very quickly. And in 2013, we had a healthy baby girl (7lb.6) with no problems, we feel very blessed!

ectopic pregnancy

Kyriacos aged 4, Maximus aged 2 and Eleni aged 8 months

Charlotte you have amazing resolve – after two serious set backs with your ectopic pregnancy and then such a difficult recovery following Kyriacos, you didn’t give up and went on to have 2 more gorgeous, healthy babies! You’re an inspiration xxx