This is your How to AVOID STRETCH MARKS Shopping List! I was meant to post this yesterday but I was in such a shitty mood! I’m telling you, staying up late on a Saturday night when you’re this pregnant is not worth it.

I’d spent yesterday worrying about work, feeling emotional about the birth (a.k.a. pushing the baby out of that tiny hole and where I should do said pushing) and other such things. So, when I discovered O2 had taken £300 out of my account (when they shouldn’t have, I’d already spent 45 minutes on the phone with them to make sure they didn’t take any money and was assured they wouldn’t) it felt like the end of the world. And, the final icing on the cake? I dropped something on my hand and it hurt so I cried and that put paid to any attempt I was going to make to write a post.

Seems so dramatic now I’ve had a good night sleep!

Despite being a day late and being told that stretch marks are hereditary, I’m battling on regardless with my new obsession, foods and how to avoid stretch marks and I’ve put together this shopping list…

As a recap from last week’s post, these are the vitamins and minerals that are said to particularly help avoid stretch marks: Vitamins A, C, D and E, and Zinc, Silica, and Omega 3. Pregnancy hangover in hand, this is the list I took in a mad dash to the shops on Sunday to carry out my supermarket sweep before Mike’s family came over for lunch:

How to avoid stretch marks shopping list

Now I have a fridge full of vegetables and, like an armature episode of Ready, Steady, Cook (with a lot more ingredients), I need to work out what the hell I’m going to do with it all. Aside from salad.


The superstar things on the list are carrots, spinach, watercress, peppers, tomatoes, salmon and sunflower seeds. Between these 7 you cover all the essential vitamins and minerals you need. So, from this list the obvious thing to make is a type of salmon salad.

I’m a genius and this hot-smoked salmon salad from BBC Good Food looks particularly delicious. It combines all the leaves you need (spinach, watercress, beets) with the salmon and you have a gorgeous lemon dressing for added vitamin C. Include some grated carrot, tomatoes, peppers and sunflower seeds you’ve got a proper ‘up yours’ to the stretch mark.

Another dish I happened across yesterday was a lentil and asparagus number from Red Magazine, which has an orgasmic looking poached egg on it. Naturally you’d have to replace that sumptuous, runniness with a hard-boiled mother plucker but otherwise, high five from Mr Prevent Stretch Marks.


The first thing that jumped out from a snack point of view was houmous and crudités (cut up veg), we can dip any one of those veggies in some lovely homemade houmous (here’s a super easy recipe from BBC).

Another simple snack is fresh fruit and/or nuts and there’s plenty to chose from on the list!

How’s that for starters then? Any menu suggestions would be most welcome. Plus any thoughts? – if you want to rain on my parade, please do as I’m going to carry on regardless!